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    First this is not about the employees, foster carer's but the employer the Family Services.The employer Family Services who agreed to the court for the Care and Protection for myself and brother failed to protect us from harm by the carer's. They have stated it clearly in their own words in the F.O.I. documents 'they continue to live in a caravan on a friends property. This causes and makes lifestyle limited and controlled'. We had to bath outside under a camping shower. We had to go down the backyard with him and dig a hole to go to the toilet. My sister was 11 years and he was being a pervert. We were subjected to adult actions at the end of the caravan. We had to change clothes with no privacy at all. All under the knowledge of the Child Care Officer and the Supervisors of the Family Services.
    This is a service which they breached. Because there are circumstances to the state of the carer's today, we have had some advice as to take it this way as a contract dispute breach and negligence of duty of care.

    We haven't had much assistance to plough through the nonsense as the carer's cannot be found and it is my opinion that they have changed their name or died.

    Your assistance would be greatly assisted as my sister has very little time to live and I have been fighting with others hitting me on the head to forget it.

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