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    SA Australian Law - Duty of Care to Person on Premises?

    Dear forum, I would like an opinion on an incident that occurred at my workplace recently. On the day in question, the temperature was about 37 deg C with high humidity of 70% to 80%. It is my understanding that under Australian law, occupiers of a premises automatically owe a duty of care to...
  2. T

    VIC Estate Agent exclusive agreement contract cancellation

    Our friends decided to purchase our house, went via the estate agent, signed the contract of sale conditional on building and pest and finance. Signed on 23rd Dec, our agent told us that if they could not get a building inspector through in 5 days the building and pest part became void. Our...
  3. S

    WA Is a retaining wall a building?

    if there is an existing retaining wall on the property boundary and the adjoining property owner excavates at the toe of the wall, causing the wall to rotate ( be damaged ) , do the provisions of the Building Act apply as regards adverse effect on adjacent buildings?
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    VIC Terminating building contract by registered post

    I have sent my builder a notice of breach of the contract, referencing the breaches in the contract and giving them 14 days to remedy or else I will be reconsidering their employment. The letter has been sent registered post to the address noted on the contract being the physical address of the...
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    VIC Builders registration

    Hi there, Im currently going through a dreadful time with a builder and trying to find a way to terminate the contract. Now the contract is in the name of the builder's company which is a registered domestic builder (unlimited). The director has a commercial building licence (limited) but...
  6. K

    Terminated building contract

    When a contract is terminated can either party to the contract be held to the terms of the terminated contract.
  7. M

    Cost for VCAT proceeding in Building Dispute

    Hi Do you know what is the rough cost for VCAT hearing for a lawyer. ? Manjith
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    VIC Termination of a Building Contract Invalid?

    Hi We have a dispute with my builder. We terminated his building contract because he breached his insurance. Firstly, we sent two notices saying to renew his building damage risk liability insurance. But he didn't reply to us. Thereafter we sent the termination notice. We have given plenty of...
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    WA Delayed Building Inspection - What to Do Now?

    Hi, I've not been able to arrange a building inspection on a property within the 5 days specified in the accepted offer contract. I could've had it done on day 5 if the agent could facilitate access to the property, but was told (by agent) on the phone not to worry too much about the 5 day...
  10. Z

    VIC Paid Deposit but didnt sign building contract

    hi guru i was going to sign a building contract but there were some concerns - so builder agreed to raise a post contract variation after I sign the contract - the draft was created with me but required management approval - I asked to send an email confirming this which they agreed... I paid...