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A contingent fee (also known as a contingency fee in the United States or a conditional fee in England and Wales) is any fee for services provided where the fee is payable only if there is a favourable result. Although such a fee may be used in many fields, it is particularly well associated with legal practice.
In the law, a contingent fee is defined as a fee charged for a lawyer's services that is payable only if a lawsuit is successful or results in a favorable settlement, usually in the form of a percentage of the amount recovered on behalf of the client. Contingent fees may make it easier for people of limited means to pursue their civil rights since otherwise, to sue someone for a tort, one must first be wealthy enough to pursue such litigation in the first place. Due to the risk of loss, attorneys will not take cases on a contingency basis unless they believe that the case has merit, although accepting cases on a contingency is not without risk.

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  1. S

    VIC Bullied Whistle Blower of Child Exploitation Boss - What to Do?

    Hi there. First time posting. I wish to take legal proceedings against my workplace after a series of events which escalated severely after I reported a lower management level supervisor (aged in his fifties) for showing me child pornography and clearly detailing his sexual dealings with...
  2. O

    NSW Issues with Transfer Of Property - What to Do?

    I apologise for how long this piece is, but it is all factual. (I have changed the property values to not make the situation as obvious to anyone with a vested interest). In our case, my wife’s Grandfather 20 years ago left his property solely on his will to my wife's mother who looked after...
  3. T

    QLD TPD Insurance Claim - No Win No Fee Lawyer Costs?

    Hi all :) My wife may be eligible to claim her TPD insurance from her superannuation due to her fybramyalgia. Just wondering what size fee ‘no win no fee’ lawyers charge for TPD claims? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we are only just starting to look down this avenue. Thanks!
  4. P

    NSW Unfair Treatment by University - Where to Find Litigation Lawyers?

    Hello, I am studying my degree, with reasonable adjustments in place (as per the universities obligations). I was not happy with a new asstistive technology worker's assistance (or lack thereof) . I made an informal complaint, which resulted in the head of department bullying me, rather than...
  5. J

    Queries to Challenge Beneficiary on Will?

    My father recently passed away from brain cancer. He married a woman on his death bed, and she become power of attorney and the will was created shortly before his death. The rest of his family is going to contest the will based on the fact that he was not of sound mind during the appointing...
  6. R

    QLD Do I Have a Personal Injury Case Against the Council?

    Wondering if I have a personal injury case against the local council after sustaining an injury to my knee. I was out walking and stumbled over the upraised lip of a concrete slab of a footpath. The cartilage was split and I was unable to work following surgery for 3 months. Is my case likely...
  7. W

    NSW Family Provisions Claim on a No Win No Fee Basis?

    If a Family Provisions claim was issued against a Deceased Estate but the maximum claim would only be around 50-60K before legal costs, does anyone know if a Law Firm offering a No Win No Fee basis would be willing to take the case on? It is my understanding that if the claim failed then the...
  8. john coles

    VIC Lawyers Backed Out During Employment Law Case - What to Do?

    I have a no win no fee case in Employment law. 1 week prior to the start of Trial, after lawyers have done all paperwork for the Trial at Federal Court, they decided they could no longer represent me. I was threatened with a change of Judge and suddenly the lawyers got me to Terminate them. I...
  9. E

    QLD Club Ignores Constitution - Our Rights as Members?

    In our town, a local club amalgamated with another local club, and in due course they sold off $1,100,000 of assets but have refused to help out the members of the club who owned the assets, despite wording in the constitution that they must 'promote & enhance the game of Lawn Bowls etc'. As we...
  10. M

    QLD Is There a Time Limit for a Personal Injury Payment?

    Hi, I did an out of court personal injury settlement and was notified the amount they had offered. I had accepted, and this was in August of this year. As I am still waiting for the payment and the Lawyer's story keeps changing as to when I will receive payment, can you tell me if there is a...