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In chemistry, alcohol is an organic compound that carries at least one hydroxyl functional group (−OH) bound to a saturated carbon atom. The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethanol (ethyl alcohol), which is used as a drug and is the main alcohol present in alcoholic beverages. An important class of alcohols, of which methanol and ethanol are the simplest members, includes all compounds for which the general formula is CnH2n+1OH. Simple monoalcohols that are the subject of this article include primary (RCH2OH), secondary (R2CHOH) and tertiary (R3COH) alcohols.
The suffix -ol appears in the IUPAC chemical name of all substances where the hydroxyl group is the functional group with the highest priority. When a higher priority group is present in the compound, the prefix hydroxy- is used in its IUPAC name. The suffix -ol in non-IUPAC names (such as paracetamol or cholesterol) also typically indicates that the substance is an alcohol. However, many substances that contain hydroxyl functional groups (particularly sugars, such as glucose and sucrose) have names which include neither the suffix -ol, nor the prefix hydroxy-.

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  1. W

    VIC Can someone under 18 "own" alcohol?

    While I understand selling or otherwise supplying an under 18 alcohol is 100% illegal, once it has happened, is it illegal for them to keep possession of the alcohol once they have received it? I know this is sounds like a pretty stupid question, but curiosity is getting to me.
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    NSW Will Past Offence Show Up on National Police Check?

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    VIC breath vs blood alcohol test

    Hi everyone Last week, I crashed my car into a parked car. I am incredibly ashamed and remorseful of the whole thing and am just so glad I didn't seriously hurt someone or worse. I've been driving since 2012 and have just 3 points in all those years from speeding. This was an embarrassing yet...
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    QLD Help with Subpoena and Affidavit Wording?

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    NSW Known Sperm Donor Rights. Mothers illicit drug and alcohol use.

    As a sperm donor I'm not sure what legal rights I will have in this situation? I'm about to seek formal legal advice. I am a known sperm donor, a baby is due in later this year, I met the mum-to-be on a co-parenting website. No formal legal agreement has been signed or agreed to yet. Prior to...
  7. C

    NSW Perfume, alcohol and oil.

    Hello, I am trying to find out if it is it legal for me to sell an eau de cologne made from a small percentage of alcohol, essential oils and water. Also to post this, which I think Au Post is saying as long the alcohol is under 24%. Although the US says none. I also want to sell bath oil...
  8. N

    NSW Supervised Access Due to ADVO?

    Hey all, I am the applicant in a child access case in the Federal Circuit Court of NSW. I am currently seeing my baby son under supervised visits due to concerns about my alcohol and marijuana use. I am a primary school teacher who continues to work unsupervised with young children as their...
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    NT How to Get DVO Removed or Reduced?

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    WA Dealing with AVO and Visitation Rights While Overseas?

    Hi all I am happy to have found these forums as I am really in need of some help. For many years, my ex and I did not get along well. She always told me she didn't love me anymore, etc and we lived in different rooms at stages but stayed together for the sake of our two primary school aged...