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Please respect the Community Guidelines.
The Community Guidelines may change at any time to maintain a positive experience for all members.

Please do:

  • Share what you know - relies on Australians helping their fellow Australians to better understand popular legal issues.
  • Cite your sources - There are a lot of good legal resources available. If you rely on legal resources, please give credit where due.
  • Be a good citizen - When you see a great question or answer, give it a "like". If you see abuse, report it.
  • Ask clearly - Keep your questions precise, but be descriptive enough to help people understand what you're asking.
  • Categorise correctly - Post your question in the one category you think fits best.
  • Include your location - Laws vary across Australia. Please include city or state/territory in your question.

Please do not:

  • Be mean, obscene, abusive, insulting, inflammatory or defamatory - This is self-explanatory!
  • Publish your contact details or personal information - This includes not publishing any information that may identify you or your involvement in a legal proceeding.
  • Offer legal advice -, and its members, do not provide legal advice.
  • Spam legal products or services - Self-promotion must be kept only to the name of your law firm or organisation in your forum signature.
  • Solicit clients unless you are a legal professional with a current LawTap Subscription - Please see LawTap Lawyer subscription options.
  • Discuss dodgy legal theories - This includes, but is not limited to "Freeman on the land".
  • Ask homework questions anywhere other than in the Homework Questions forum - All other forums are for people seeking legal help for genuine Australian legal questions only.