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    Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) s 5

    Hi, can someone explain to me what Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) s 5 actually means? I'm having such a hard time understanding it.
  2. J

    NSW Australian Law - Case History Available to the Public?

    Hi, I'm trying to trace the history (or journey) of a case from the first mention to the court of final appeal. Are records of such available to the public under Australian Law? Any guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  3. P

    SA Australian Law - Duty of Care to Person on Premises?

    Dear forum, I would like an opinion on an incident that occurred at my workplace recently. On the day in question, the temperature was about 37 deg C with high humidity of 70% to 80%. It is my understanding that under Australian law, occupiers of a premises automatically owe a duty of care to...
  4. J

    NSW Australian Law - Sexual Content Made by Kids Under Eighteen?

    In NSW Australia, is it legal under Australian Law for two people over 16 but under 18 to make sexual videos that only they will see? Since it won't be distributed to anyone else and both people are the same age?
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    VIC Australian Law - Getting Wife's Lover to Delete Sexual Videos?

    Hi. My wife had an affair a while ago with a guy who is also married with a child. She ended the affair and we are trying to work things out along with a therapist. The guy's wife has no idea of the whole thing and the therapist has advised us against disclosing the matter voluntarily to her...
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    VIC Australian Law - 17-Year-Old in a Sexual Relationship with Someone Over 18?

    Hi! I live in Victoria and I was wondering if it is legal for a 17-year-old to be in a sexual relationship with someone in their 20’s? Someone who isn’t a carer of them or in any authority over them. Websites I’ve read by my understanding say that it is legal, but I think it needs...
  7. M

    QLD Daycare Attendance Records - Implications Under Australian Law?

    Hi all, Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone knows of the implications if a daycare has manipulated the attendance records and sign in / sign out register under Australian Law?
  8. S

    VIC Australian Law - Lying About Being Married Just to Have Sex?

    Hello, Can someone tell me, if a guy lies to a chick about being married just so he can have sex, is that against Australian Law?
  9. L

    WA Australian Law - Does Legal Name on Court Documents Matter?

    I just arrived home and my son hands me some court papers and says some guy dropped these off for you. Not sure if that matters legally but my question is if these papers don't contain my legal name does that make them illegitimate under Australian Law?