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  1. DailyWebClicks

    WA Start of Bankruptcy while enforcement hearing date is looming

    I have a enforcement hearing due in 11 days, I am looking to declaring bankrupt as I am concerned about this hearing. If I manage to be appointed trustee and start bankruptcy before court date which will be tight window. Will I still have to go to this enforcement hearing? I am concerned about...
  2. R

    SA Abusing executor rights?

    Hi My older sister is executor of my mother’s will who passed away 2 years ago now. My sister has been living in my mother’s house for approx 5 years since my mother was placed in a nursing home. There are 3 siblings all together. Myself and 2 sisters. The will states that the estate is to be...
  3. C

    WA Negotiating with Bankruptcy Trustees?

    I am half way through a personal bankruptcy that resulted from my company going into liquidation. I worked really hard for over three decades. My dad has passed and potentially left me around $300,000. In the will which was made over 10 years ago when we were estranged, he has included a...
  4. R

    QLD bankruptcy court information vital

    My ex is bankrupt AFTER separation and AFTER stealing, hiding and transferring all assets in FCC. No disclosure has meant that now his trustee has taken him to court. These are public appearances. There is no reason I can't sit in on these as I have done before. All info is directly related to...
  5. T

    SA Obtaining information from another case and using its information in mine

    My ex is bankrupt (after proceedings initiated) Their trustee has been added as an additional party. Therefore 3 parties to my case including myself. Their trustee has also taken them to court. (Separate Case). Obviously, all information in that case is useful to mine. How do I obtain this...
  6. I

    NSW How will Bankruptcy affect spouse?

    Hi there, If I go bankrupt and my spouse doesnt, how does bankruptcy affect my spouse? Can it affect any purchases he wants to buy in the future ie a new car? Can the trustee have any claims on his personal goods if hes not going bankrupt? Also, Ive done alot of research about bankruptcy...
  7. T

    SA Numerous Parties and bankruptcy

    My ex is bankrupt. There has been no financial disclosure. Whilst also being a party, their trustee is also now added as a party. Does their trustee have to abide by the same rules in regards to disclosure? Can I ask them directly for the bankrupt's statement of affairs rather than making...
  8. J

    QLD Debts to continue after bankruptcy

    So in 2017, I went bankrupt by my choice for an amount of $60k roughly and recently I did a credit check on myself for pure interest and discovered that two of my creditors have defaulted me. The two creditors who have defaulted me were included with the rest of the other creditors when I went...
  9. C

    VIC Inheritance and bankruptcy

    I wanted to know if it is an offence for a bankrupt to replace themselves in a Will, with their children? Six months prior to my mother-in-law passing away, the Will was changed to remove the bankrupt, my sister in-law, as executor and beneficiary, and have her two daughters put in in her...
  10. MrsRx

    QLD Easiest way to seperate future finances

    My ex husband and I have been seperated since February 2018. Married in 2007. One child aged 9. We are both newly released from bankruptcy. I am disabled with a pension, don’t own a car, have only a grand in super and rent with my mum. He rents with his new partner, has a very cheap and...