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Easily make your own Australian Will!

Everyone needs to have a Will, and when there’s a major change in your life like:

  • a new relationship,
  • getting married,
  • the birth of a child,
  • getting a divorce,
  • buying or inheriting property, or
  • starting a new business,

it’s a really good time to make your own Will or update your Will to make sure it reflects your current circumstances.

What you get – Australian Will Kit

This Australian Will Kit includes:

  1. Australian Will
  2. Online video instructions – To walk you through, step-by-step, how to fill in the Will template. It explains each section of your Will, terms used and helps you to understand how to fill it in. These instructions also come in written format.
  3. Instructions on what to do next – How to sign and witness your Will, where to store your Will, what to do next with it, etc.
  4. Online video FAQs – Answers 7 Common Will Questions (For example, How to sign your Will? How to witness your Will? How to choose an Executor? etc).
  5. Codicil – Simple, 1-page form for making minor changes to your Will.

Benefits of having a Will

A Will helps prevent arguments about your assets and how they are to be divided after you pass away. You can also avoid expensive legal and executor fees by having a Will.

This Australian Will Kit makes it easy for you to make your own Will, so that your affairs are in order and your wishes can be followed.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. It won’t take you long at all to complete this user-friendly online legal will template.

There’s nothing so certain in life as death and taxes – so don’t leave it until tomorrow when you can get it sorted today.

A Will Kit works best if your situation is relatively straightforward. If your situation is highly complex, then it is recommended that you get legal advice from a Wills & Estate Planning lawyer when you create your Will.


$59 + GST for the entire Australian Will Kit.


If you have any questions about this Will Kit, you can speak to one of our friendly Client Care Specialists on 1300529827.

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