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  1. C

    Mum Taking Property from me (UPDATE)- Kids vs Mothers= Loss

    Hi Guys, I am a 23 year old male and live in Victoria, and I can't wrap my head around Family/Criminal law in this state if you are a male! In 2015 I was gifted money to buy land and build a house, from my mother, she received a huge TAC payout, she kept the money in a joint bank account with my...
  2. S

    FVRO Final Hearing Prep. Self represented applicant. Any tips on how to open and close fast?

    Hi All, I have an interim FVRO on my partners ex wife and she has objected to it which was expected. The final hearing is next month and I have no idea how to present my case or where to start. It has been almost 4 years of absolute hell and although I have the FVRO, she has still been abusing...
  3. Z

    QLD EX Employer accusing me of theft

    Hi,so i handed in my 4 weeks notice about a month ago for company i have worked for approx 2.5 years. This week was my last and i have been sick all week,i have valid medical certficates and the boss has texted me asking for me to come in "as a issue has surfaced he needs to discuss with me"i...
  4. M

    NSW x partner saying i provided evidence i didn't

    The police had served my x partner with an AVO as he broke into my house and stole my laptop intimidated me and sent intimidating and insulting emails to me. I did provide the emails to the police after I found out my x had made reports about myself and my family to FACTS who then investigated...
  5. SophieW

    ACT Family Law - Sharing Our Good News Story

    I just want to first thank all the members of this community, which is such a godsend in such an awful process. I wanted to share our story and maybe give someone out there some hope that things can work out. I'll keep it brief, and vague for privacy. In a nutshell, my partner's ex denied...
  6. S

    QLD Will question with Dementai involved

    Hi, I'm asking for a friend, my friend's husband made a will 2014 which left everything to his wife. Six months prior (June 2019) to his death (death was Jan 2020) he changed the will without the wife's (carer) knowledge. He has stated in the current will that the martial home of over 20...
  7. M

    NSW Assault Charges Hearing with Ex Next Month - Help?

    Next month, on my bloody birthday, I have a hearing for the assault charges put on my son's father. He is currently in custody (bail refused) from the police station when arrested. He is currently pleading not guilty to all incidents because he thinks he's invincible, although I’ve been told he...
  8. justawriter

    Fiction Research - Exonerating the Innocent Under Criminal Law?

    First up, I'm an aspiring writer and this is all fictional. I've tried to research extensively online but I'm struggling to find specific info (particularly Australian) relevant to my story. I have about a hundred things I could ask, but for now, I'm sticking with my most pressing concern, the...
  9. J

    NSW Subpoena Material Redacted (except still visible)

    Hi and thanks for reading my question. I'm involved in a parenting (only) matter and the other party has been allowed to redact some sensitive information in the subpeonas (we had a Objection Hearing) What seems odd is the redaction was just not effective - that is I could still read what they...
  10. C

    VIC Separation - Parent Wanting My Home in Their Property Pool?

    I'll keep this short and to the point: My (former) mother and father are having a 'property separation' in the Federal Circuit/ Family Court. My (former) mother started proceedings against my father and she has listed me as a secondary. She's demanding that I sign my home onto her. 5 years...