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  1. John Z

    QLD Interstate Solicitor

    Hi, is it normal or even done to have a solicitor from a different state represent one party in property settlement cases. Ive been contacted by an interstate person alleging to be a solicitor in NSW representing my ex. I though as the laws are different from state to state there would be some...
  2. A

    QLD Asked to include other parties solicitor in all correspondence?

    Hi All of a sudden ex has asked that from now on their solicitor be included in all correspondence regarding our children. We have been going through court since 2018. I feel this is unnecessary and as the solicitor is Legal Aid funded, it is a waste of funding. can anyone tell me if this is...
  3. M

    QLD Ex in new relationship. DV in front of our son.

    My ex re-partnered a month after we broke up and started living with her immediately. He/they wanted shared custody of our young son immediately but I was concerned that it was too early for our child to be a part of a new family unit/dynamic. I was also concerned that the relationship wouldn't...
  4. M

    QLD Conflict of Interest between a solicitor and conveyancer

    My ex partner and I just sold a home due to separation/divorce. His solicitor and our joint conveyancer (who is handling the home sale) seem to have a conflict of interest. I have requested the Conveyancer's trust fund details over the phone. She said she would send me an e-mail with the...
  5. Perp

    NSW Can a NSW solicitor not admitted by the NSW Bar Association hold themselves out as a 'solicitor and barrister'?

    This man has a supervised practicing certificate in NSW. The NSW Bar Association says that he is not admitted to the bar. His email footer says, and he introduces himself as, a 'solicitor and barrister'. Kosher?
  6. L

    QLD How difficult is it to be dual executors of a will?

    Hi there! This is my first post here so sorry if I don't provide enough information. My mother has just gone into the Public Trustee to create a will for herself with myself (her son) and my brother as 50/50 split beneficiaries for all assets in her estate. As she is getting older she has given...
  7. T

    QLD Solicitor's Refusal to Recognise all Executors

    My husband's father's estate has four executors and the estate solicitor is refusing to communicate with all four executors - Does each executor have the right to the same information and correspondence that the estate solicitor is only giving one or two executors ? My husband has asked that he...
  8. M

    NSW x partner saying i provided evidence i didn't

    The police had served my x partner with an AVO as he broke into my house and stole my laptop intimidated me and sent intimidating and insulting emails to me. I did provide the emails to the police after I found out my x had made reports about myself and my family to FACTS who then investigated...
  9. S

    QLD How to find out a client solicitor or Conveyancer

    Does anyone know how I can find out a persons solicitor or Conveyancer is there such a thing as a register? I have requested the details so that my solicitor can get in touch and they are refusing to advise who their Solicitor or conveyancer is. Has anyone got any ideas of how I can obtain this...
  10. J

    Suspect a fake document submitted as liability in probate in p

    My sister and I are joint executors and beneficiaries of our parents estate. My (older) sister always took on the roll of 'provider' if my parents needed help with property maintenance but it was no big deal until now, 6 months after my mum's passing. I lived with my mum for about 14 years until...