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Family court was originally created to be a Court of Equity convened to decide matters and make orders in relation to family law, such as custody of children and could disregard certain legal requirements as long as the petitioner/plaintiff came into court with “clean hands” and the request was reasonable, “quantum meruit”. Changes in laws and rules have made this distinction superfluous.Family courts hear all cases that relate to familial and domestic relationships. Each state and each country has a different system utilized to address family law cases including decisions regarding divorce cases.

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  1. A

    WA Does anyone get charged with Perjury in Family court?

    If someone makes extreme and provably false accusations in family court are they likely to be punished criminally?
  2. A

    WA Insane case in Family Court

    Hello, here is my story, I am lost, hurting emotionally and financially whilst deeply concerned for the safety and well being of my son. I am a male, who impregnated my crazy stalker the night she uninvitedly entered my home and the bed I was in late one night.. (I gave up trying to keep this...
  3. A

    QLD Registra - mediation

    Really need help. Rang legal aid. Answer is " not sure" " yes there is problem" but no one know what to do. Details: After 4 mediation not successful. I took my ex to court. Judge disregard all the consent order details that I consulted with few lawyers and she made one herself. ( Details are...
  4. K

    Outcome of proven lies

    Just curious as to what happens when you prove someone has lied knowingly in an affadvit, does the judge still take any of the information into account? What usually happens when it's obvious that it is lies? Does it change the proceedings? Is there a chance that supervised visits are changed...
  5. E

    VIC Old case Paternity test result 1993 year. If Family court could give us copy that could be use for legal purpose.

    My solicitor in 1993 year gave me photocopy of result of DNA parentage test, didn,t know at that time to ask for original. I have original of Court order that declared my ex partner as the father. Father is not on Birth Certificate. My son would like to get from Court copy that could legaly used...
  6. N

    Impact of DVO on Family Court

    Brief Summary: - My partner and I relocated away from the children's father due to DV - Interim parenting orders have supervised visitation with father at a contact centre (this was based on concerns with a temporary protection order) and that the children be permitted to live with us away from...
  7. kimbapuppy

    VIC Parental Alienation family court cases to be able to quote in my trial

    Are there any parental alienation family law cases in Australia that I can quote in my trial? I am the alienated parent. My kids echo the negative views of the mother, won't eat the food I cook them, never says any positive things about the father. One of the child has eating anxiety (lost a...
  8. G

    NSW family court orders not followed

    my son's daughter is 2 years old court orders in place since January this year. she complied with orders in the main for 8 months . We havent seen her for three months now as refuses to comply it is possible that she has moved as well. very concerned. Best option for urgent action.
  9. B

    Filing Notice of Appeal in Family Court - need help proof-reading the grounds

    Hi, I need some help with writing legally sound grounds of appeal from final parenting orders made in the Family Court. No "weight" grounds - just errors at law, wrong principles, errors of fact and plainly unjust. I'm not a total "newbie" and have read tons of case law on BarNet Jade...
  10. S

    ACT Likelihood of family court

    Hi my ex husband is behaving badly again. Despite agreeing on a parenting arrangement to try out for 3 months during mediation, he went to a lawyer and sent me a nasty letter with an unreasonable parenting plan quite different to what was agreed at mediation stating that if I don’t agree to it...