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Family court was originally created to be a Court of Equity convened to decide matters and make orders in relation to family law, such as custody of children and could disregard certain legal requirements as long as the petitioner/plaintiff came into court with “clean hands” and the request was reasonable, “quantum meruit”. Changes in laws and rules have made this distinction superfluous.Family courts hear all cases that relate to familial and domestic relationships. Each state and each country has a different system utilized to address family law cases including decisions regarding divorce cases.

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  1. S

    VIC EX Has NOT Transferred Title/Property back in her name after Family Court Order....

    Sorry posted in wrong thread somehow.
  2. M

    Contavention - Other party is gaming it

    The ex wife is withholding my youngest against consent orders. Oldest is fine, the oldest and I have a great relationship. A few months ago, the ex told my youngest to call me and lie about not wanting to visit on the allowed weekend. Fast forward 2 weeks from that, I go to pick youngest up from...
  3. S

    VIC a bright talented student is needed!!!

    Dear Students, I would like to inform you about my current circumstances and requirements. It has been almost two years since I separated from my ex-partner, but we have made little progress in resolving our issues. Despite engaging with four different mediators, we have not achieved any...
  4. K

    VIC Who do I complain to about the "Orders and Reasons" Delivered by a Family Court Judge?

    Hi, Who do I complain to about the "Orders and Reasons" delivered by a Family Court Judge? (Before the Courts merged). In this I will refer to the Judge as JJ, and my ex partner as EX I have the following complaints: Despite JJ saying she would deliver the decision in 2 months, it took...
  5. T

    QLD Is a Mention after multiple Interim Hearings a bad thing for my case? (family court)

    I am a little bit confused at the courts process here maybe someone here can clear this up for me. I started an application for final parenting orders June 2022 due to the fact that my ex (mother of child) was leaving my child in the care of her defacto partner for multiple times a week to...
  6. O

    NSW My de-facto and I spent 6 months ironing out an agreement and both signed the documents for the Family Court. The Registrar knocked it back twice.

    My de-facto and I spent 6 months ironing out an agreement and both signed the documents for the Family Court. The Registrar knocked it back and we amended the settlement with an agreed increase in cash which we both signed. The same deputy registrar knocked it back again. It is up for a Judicial...
  7. E

    NSW how do i save myself

    basically i been fighting to regain my kids and struggling to get any access other than phone calls once a week. i have been though four lawyers the judge thinks im erratic and non compliant, which is not true, unfortunately i have found some of the worst representatives, my first lawyer, told...
  8. B

    Can I go straight to family court for property settlement

    I have no faith my ex will negotiate on our financial agreement. He’s been delaying 6 months and initially said he thought it would be super fair if I got 57% as I have no income 3 young children etc. he doesn’t see my current and future needs are far higher than his and the disability of one...
  9. R

    NSW How to ensure a loan is repaid when the Family Court make Final Orders

  10. A

    WA Does anyone get charged with Perjury in Family court?

    If someone makes extreme and provably false accusations in family court are they likely to be punished criminally?