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  1. blackray

    Notice to vacate issued within lease terms

    Newbie here. Our family has been issued a notice to vacate within 60 days since early March. Reason: property need to be prepared for selling. Due to schooling and other reasons, we need to react to that quickly and find a place to settle down. We have then landed a new property and...
  2. M

    VIC Breaking Lease and Applying to VCAT?

    Good evening all. I'm a landlord and have a tenant who was four months into a 12-month lease when she resigned from her existing job and took up a position on the other side of town and wanted to find a property closer to the new work location. I advised her of the impact of doing this and she...
  3. C

    WA Terminating car bay lease and definition of 'calendar month'

    Hello, I lease a car bay for $400 a month which I have just given notice to terminate on March 16. The agreement says 'This agreement may be terminated by one full calendar month’s written notice given by the Licensee to the Licensor'. I have already paid up until the end of this month and have...
  4. Lisa O

    Industrial Lease in Queensland

    Hi, does anyone know if there's a maximum lease term for industrial leases? Your help is much appreciated.
  5. J

    WA No lease signed, No Disclosure Statement, No bond back ?

    in 2016, I found a commercial property that I wished to lease. This was my first time leasing a commercial property. I signed an OFFER and AGREEMENT TO LEASE provided by the Managing Agent. It included rent, outgoings (responsible for all), maintenance, Lease documentation, deposit, bond...
  6. P

    VIC Rescue Horse no lease - who takes ownership

    I adopted a 6 week old orphan foal from a registered rescue centre. There was no contract other than verbal agreement. Not to be sold, stays at my property only, I pay for gelding, and should circumstances change he be returned to rescue centre. I was told that once the rescue centre had...
  7. R

    VIC Haven't even moved in and it's already a disaster...

    I move in to my first rental property on Wednesday. I was really excited about this until I realise that the house im moving in to is currently on the market. I was not told about this in any way. The place has been on the market since mid last year, if it's important. Will this affect anything...
  8. C

    QLD Lockout-releasing timeframe regulations

    Hi, just looking for information. I’ve been locked out of my business for a week. I’ve engaged lawyers etc. I’m just curious how soon the landlord is able to release? As they already have a sign there and my gear is still there. regards
  9. R

    NSW Wanting to sublease 3rd room in house

    Hi there, A friend and I have recently rented a 3 bedroom place and are looking for a 3rd person to move in. We applied for the place and as it's a 3 bedroom place we assumed 3 people would be okay, we got accepted and transferred the deposit (2 weeks rent) and bond (4 weeks rent) before we...
  10. J

    QLD Commercial Lease Contract

    Hi all, Before New Years I spent approximately 2 months applying for the right to lease the kitchen at a local Bowls club. This was a very time consuming task, had to put together proposals, references, resumes etc. Eventually the proposal was accepted, and we signed a contract for 6 months...