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  1. A

    Holden Captiva replacement

    I have a Holden captive with either 20-21 warranties that have taken place since 2013. The most recent warranties were 2x water pump, 2x transmissions, new motor, new oil pan re-seal after new motor was fitted, new gasket for motor, new wheel sensor, and new pump (that causes the car to go into...
  2. O

    VIC FJ Holden Repair - Dispute and Enforcement of VCAT Order

    Very long story. Located my mother's old FJ Holden in 2010, badly rusted, missing parts, but repairable, over the next 6 years I accumulated parts to make the car whole, purchasing the final piece mid 2016, I then went about looking for a business to do rust repairs and paint, I was recommended...
  3. J

    NSW 2012 Opel Lemon Car Nightmare - What to do?

    Hi, I purchased my car brand new in 2012. I have always had it serviced at the dealership, which was Holden, as 1 year later Opel left Australia and all service and warranty was taken over by Holden. My first issue arose on 15.4.14 regarding the cooling system. From that date onwards, the car...
  4. Missuslee

    QLD Mechanic Fitted Timing Belt Incorrectly - Seek Compensation?

    Hi there, I recently had the timing belt changed on my car. 2 days after I got it back, it had some serious issues starting to the point where it doesn’t go. The mechanic came out to take a look at it and said I would need to get it towed to their garage. I paid the tow fee to their garage...
  5. M

    QLD To Many Car Troubles Holden GTS

    I have bought a 2016 HSV GTS $100,000 and have had so many problems with it I’ve had enough. It’s now done 12,000km since I blourchsed from zupps Holden, it’s been in 4 times to get ticking under bonnet fixed, it’s had to have carpet replaced because of leaking a/c, Bluetooth electrics fixed and...
  6. K

    NSW Issues with car bought from dealership

    If anyone can provide pointers on how to proceed with this issue of mine, it would be much appreciated. Bought a brand new Barina CDX from dealership in NSW early 2013 and was offered 19" alloy wheels by dealership under "dealer options" free of charge (due to a blunder by the dealership...
  7. S

    WA Faulty Holden Car from Gumtree - What to Do?

    Have recently purchased a Holden WB v8 Satesman off Gumtree and it has major problems, not even drivable. I have tried contacting the seller but have had no luck. I got the car to Holden where they have the history of the vehicle. The sellers had to undesputably know the car was completely...
  8. S

    WA Seeking Refund for Faulty Holden Car - Options?

    Purchased a captiva7 2014 ltz disel new, at 10000km. We had an oil leak and the engine had to be removed to get fixed. A year later, at 20000km, it had another oil leak. A couple of months later, rockers had to be tightened, then the car was accelerating on its own fuel injectior had to be...
  9. Kusanagi

    VIC How Strong are Verbal Contracts?

    I couldn't see a specific forum topic for copyright so I'm hoping this one's alright. Last year I produced an independent short film that required the use of an old car, in this case a 1965 EH Holden. By independent I mean it was made by some students, and friends of friends. We successfully...
  10. L

    VIC Multiple Issues with Car - Australian Consumer Law Rights?

    Hi, I purchased my Holden Cruze in June 2013 with a 5-year warranty. Since day one, I have had issues. I have a detailed list somewhere, but the ones I can remember off the top of my head are: 1. Day 1, Passenger window won't go up. 2. Significant rattling from windshield, unit behind...