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    NSW Mortgage and Rent After Separation?

    What are my mortgage/rent obligations after separation? I am separated with 2 kids who I mind equally. My ex moved out into rental accommodation almost a year ago and since then I have been paying half my ex’s rent and half the mortgage on the house. I have been trying to sell the place as part...
  2. A

    QLD Property Rights - Does Ex Have a Claim?

    Hi, So a long messy saga follows... 9 years ago my husband passed away & I received his full life insurance & his govsuper as a fortnightly pension. I stupidly fell into a relationship 8 months after my husband's death & I now realise I was manipulated by this man during a time when I couldn't...
  3. S

    QLD BFA to release names from mortgage without refinancing

    Greetings. I have found similar topics but no conclusive recommendations on my matter so I seeking advice. My situation is... My Ex Defacto and i separated over 3 years ago. There are two properties still held in joint names. 1 block of land and 1 house which is now rented but it does not cover...
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    VIC Legal Rights of Tenants in Common?

    Hi, A brother and sister are tenants in common in the ownership of a house with no mortgage. They no longer speak, both use the house alternatively with their respective families at various times throughout the year. They split all bills half-half. The sister can't stand the brother and his...
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    SA Land Titles Office - Getting Name Removed from Property Title?

    Hi, my ex and I bought a property together 9 years ago and my lawyer and I got enforcement orders last year to have my name removed from the bank loan and property title. So my ex paid the house off $550k in EFT payments within a month last year... guessing he couldn’t refinance due to Child...
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    QLD What are the chances of wife refinancing mortgage.

    Asking for others thoughts who have been through similar thing. This is for my best friend not me. Married 24yrs, 5 children (2 under 11 yrs old) They have mortgage on home of $150K, value of home is $430K at best. She has been stay at home mum for entire marriage, he's the bread winner by...
  7. B

    Tax implications buying into mothers house

    Hi, Could you explain to me the implications around buying into my mothers house? My mum is separating from her partner and I would like to get a loan to buy out her partner, both parties will live there as their main residence. Will there be CGT or Stamp duty? Also the house already has a...
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    WA Negative equity and unreliable ex

    Hi everyone, I have been separated for 12 months from my ex husband whose drug use caused a violent psychotic episode and subsequent hospitalisation last January. When we married 7 years ago, I had just settled on a small flat (in my name only but am aware it is now a marital asset) where we...
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    Bought a property together been dating 6 years. Myself put down the full deposit $35,000. Was going through tough time so don’t think papers said that I was majority stakeholder but can prove deposit came from my personal account. What happens if we split ? Reason I ask unfortunately it seemed...
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    QLD Failed mortgage, scope for assistance?

    Hello, A perhaps hypothetical question here that I hope someone can offer some further clarity on. If a friend of mine was to have taken out a mortgage on a piece of farm land in QLD and due to regrettable circumstances was unable to make repayments the mortgagee was to sell the piece of land...