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Wills is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Alec Wills (1911-1941), English cricketer and Royal Air Force officer
Alfred Wills (1828–1912), English High Court judge and mountaineer
Andrew Wills (b. 1972), Australian rules footballer
Anneke Wills (b. 1941), British actress
Arthur Wills (musician) (born 1926), English musician, composer and professor
Arthur Walters Wills (1868–1948), English politician, MP for North Dorset
Bob Wills (1905–1975), American Western swing musician
Bump Wills (b. 1952), American Major League baseball player
Childe Wills (1878–1940), an early associate of Henry Ford, one of the first Ford Motor Company employees and a contributor to the design of the Model T
Chill Wills (1902–1978), American actor and singer
Chris Wills (b. 1978), British gameshow Countdown champion
Christopher Wills, American biologist
David Wills (disambiguation)
Ernest C. Wills, American college baseball coach
Frank Wills (architect) (1822–1857), British architect
Frank Wills (baseball) (1958–2012), Major League Baseball pitcher
Frank Wills (security guard) (1948–2000), security guard that discovered the break-in that led to the Watergate scandal
Frederick Wills (disambiguation)
Garry Wills (b. 1934), American author and historian
George Alfred Wills (1854–1928), President of Imperial Tobacco
Harry Wills (1889–1958), American boxer
Helen Wills Moody (1905–1998), American tennis player
Henry Wills (disambiguation)
Horatio Wills (1811-1861), Australian pastoralist and politician, father of Tom Wills
James Wills (disambiguation)
Jedrick Wills (born 1999), American football player
John Wills (disambiguation)
Jonathan Wills (journalist), British journalist
Jonathon W. G. Wills, Scottish journalist
Josh Wills, member of the American band Story of the Year
Kevin Wills (b. 1980), English footballer
Lucy Wills (1888–1964), English haematologist
Marcus Wills (b. 1972), Australian artist
Mark Wills (b. 1973), American country music artist
Mary Wills (1914-1997), American film costume designer
Maury Wills (b. 1932), American Major League baseball player
Michael Wills (b. 1952), English politician
Richard Wills (politician) (born 1945), American politician
Richard J. Wills Jr (born 1942), a retired bishop of the United Methodist Church
Rick Wills (born 1947), British rock musician
Robbie Wills (b. 1968) American politician, Arkansas Speaker of the House (2009-2010)
Robert Wills, Church of Ireland Archdeacon of Cloyne from 1889 until 1919
Royal Barry Wills (1895–1962), American architect
Simon Wills (racing driver) (b. 1976), New Zealand racing driver
Ted Wills (b. 1934), American Major League baseball player
Tom Wills (1835–1880), Australian sportsman
Thomas Wills (disambiguation), a list of people named Thomas or Tom Wills
William Wills (disambiguation)
Wills (baseball), a Major League Baseball player (first name unknown) in 1884

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    VIC Wills & POA

    Does the lawyer who handled a Power Of Attorney have to be the lawyer to make the Will. In other words, can I use a different lawyer or do I have to use the same one.
  2. M

    QLD cascading wills going nowhere

    Good afternoon, wondering if someone can point me to what is our next step. Widow died early 2021, leaving a house paid off, no cash and with rates arrears. Council was threatening to take the house and sell it for unpaid rates. The house was left to her daughter who had moved home 10 years...
  3. M

    QLD Cascading wills going nowhere

    Good morning, an elderly widow with a home in her name (paid off) but no cash and in rates arrears passed away early 2021. Council had been threatening to sell the house to recover unpaid rates so my husband (who is a cousin) began making periodical payments to Council towards the rates...
  4. C

    VIC Can I be declared Next of Kin?

    My deceased relative (father's cousin) in Northern Ireland had assets in Australia. He died many years ago and left a will with his brother-in-law and his lawyer in Northern Ireland as Executors. The brother-in-law collected the Australian and Northern Irish assets many years ago (in Australia...
  5. chl.eyt

    QLD Blended Families Wills

    We're are in blended families and wondering if we can contest a will in case we haven't received any inheritance from my dad? But this will be a long process and it will cost expensive. Do you have any suggestions or ways to avoid it or should I ask my dad about it? Thanks!
  6. T

    QLD Family Wills , Can a beneficiary be an executor

    Can the beneficiary of a will be an executor to that will
  7. A

    VIC Research Question - Estates, assets & business ownership.

    Hoping for a bit of assistance with some research for creative writing purposes. Any and all assistance is appreciated - I believe firmly in researching for authenticity, so am hoping with fingers crossed someone here may help. Is there a circumstance in which a “successful”(ie wealthy)...
  8. M

    QLD Wills & estates of

    Can an executor also being a beneficiary refuse to inform another beneficiary in a will a copy of the will as well as threaten to give their share of the inheritance away to a charity? Can they ask for personal bank details without informing why & than threaten to give other beneficiaries share...
  9. M

    VIC Wills and estates of deceased beneficiary

    Is a trustee of a life interest estate required to inform the trustee of a deceased beneficiaries vested share of the estate after the trustee has sold the estate in question plus the where abouts of the deceased beneficiaries share as they refuse to divulge any of the information which they...
  10. teski

    caproate law

    (a) Wills and Kate were partners in two separate partnerships, “ABC & Co” and “XY&Z” (respectively). For years, Wills had got on well with his partners and performed well in his work, but with the onset of the corona virus, relationships between partners became stressed and profits declined...