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Wills is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Alec Wills (1911-1941), English cricketer and Royal Air Force officer
Alfred Wills (1828–1912), English High Court judge and mountaineer
Andrew Wills (b. 1972), Australian rules footballer
Anneke Wills (b. 1941), British actress
Arthur Wills (musician) (born 1926), English musician, composer and professor
Arthur Walters Wills (1868–1948), English politician, MP for North Dorset
Bob Wills (1905–1975), American Western swing musician
Bump Wills (b. 1952), American Major League baseball player
Childe Wills (1878–1940), an early associate of Henry Ford, one of the first Ford Motor Company employees and a contributor to the design of the Model T
Chill Wills (1902–1978), American actor and singer
Chris Wills (b. 1978), British gameshow Countdown champion
Christopher Wills, American biologist
David Wills (disambiguation)
Ernest C. Wills, American college baseball coach
Frank Wills (architect) (1822–1857), British architect
Frank Wills (baseball) (1958–2012), Major League Baseball pitcher
Frank Wills (security guard) (1948–2000), security guard that discovered the break-in that led to the Watergate scandal
Frederick Wills (disambiguation)
Garry Wills (b. 1934), American author and historian
George Alfred Wills (1854–1928), President of Imperial Tobacco
Harry Wills (1889–1958), American boxer
Helen Wills Moody (1905–1998), American tennis player
Henry Wills (disambiguation)
Horatio Wills (1811-1861), Australian pastoralist and politician, father of Tom Wills
James Wills (disambiguation)
Jedrick Wills (born 1999), American football player
John Wills (disambiguation)
Jonathan Wills (journalist), British journalist
Jonathon W. G. Wills, Scottish journalist
Josh Wills, member of the American band Story of the Year
Kevin Wills (b. 1980), English footballer
Lucy Wills (1888–1964), English haematologist
Marcus Wills (b. 1972), Australian artist
Mark Wills (b. 1973), American country music artist
Mary Wills (1914-1997), American film costume designer
Maury Wills (b. 1932), American Major League baseball player
Michael Wills (b. 1952), English politician
Richard Wills (politician) (born 1945), American politician
Richard J. Wills Jr (born 1942), a retired bishop of the United Methodist Church
Rick Wills (born 1947), British rock musician
Robbie Wills (b. 1968) American politician, Arkansas Speaker of the House (2009-2010)
Robert Wills, Church of Ireland Archdeacon of Cloyne from 1889 until 1919
Royal Barry Wills (1895–1962), American architect
Simon Wills (racing driver) (b. 1976), New Zealand racing driver
Ted Wills (b. 1934), American Major League baseball player
Tom Wills (1835–1880), Australian sportsman
Thomas Wills (disambiguation), a list of people named Thomas or Tom Wills
William Wills (disambiguation)
Wills (baseball), a Major League Baseball player (first name unknown) in 1884

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  1. Nataliemoy

    SA Wills executor

    My mother left money to kids Till 21 Can I make the kids use money for home rather than waste it on a car
  2. J

    VIC Probate

    My question is my father passed away just over a year ago my sister and I are the only beneficiaries He died in nsw my uncle is executor His bank account was in Victoria It was not a lot in the estate my uncle engaged a nsw solicitor I asked where was going to probate to receive an email...
  3. N

    WA Mutual wills

    Husband and wife have two children, they have mutual wills that leave 100% of their assets to one another, can the children make claims to the estate through the family provision act when the first parent dies? Or as long as the mutual will stipulated that the surviving spouse will leave...
  4. C

    WA Negotiating with Bankruptcy Trustees?

    I am half way through a personal bankruptcy that resulted from my company going into liquidation. I worked really hard for over three decades. My dad has passed and potentially left me around $300,000. In the will which was made over 10 years ago when we were estranged, he has included a...
  5. W

    NSW How do I stop in-law gaining property

    Hello, my parents recently have passed away and have left their home to me and my sibling equal share. I have always lived in the home and my sibling has moved out and is married. My sibling has agreed to leave the house to me in a will if my sibling were to pass away. My sibling's spouse now...
  6. H

    VIC Last Will vs old Wills problems

    Dear all, my mum passed away recently. She has done a will with a lawyer about a month ago before she died. But few days ago before she died, she did another will using will kit and got it property signed and witnessed while she was in hospital and this will is her last will. I went see the...
  7. DaniDee

    QLD Capacity, Wills, Probate & Scheming Wife

    TIA for reading my post Scenario: Family conflict - Adult son advises father that he is unable to visit family house anymore due to father's 2nd wife's excessive controlling, shaming, humiliation & criticism. Feb 2011 - Father starts having memory and cognitive issues, goes to Dr and is...
  8. David Chang

    NSW Nursing Home RAD without Wills

    Dad's condition has deteriorate significantly in the nursing home; his eyes (glaucoma) is getting worst and he unable to sit up hence we have serious concern of him signing any wills. Mom has put most of her retirement money towards his RAD and when he dies, my understanding the money will go...
  9. O

    QLD Validity of Wills whilst living in different states/overseas

    Can you please advise of the validity of Wills while living in a different state or overseas from where the Will was originally prepared. For example. We had a Will prepared in Victoria 2 years ago as we were working there at the time. Subsequent to this we have been living overseas in Germany...
  10. O

    VIC Mother stole/acquired money I inherited

    I am not quite sure which area of law this falls under—family, property, criminal, wills and estates, or otherwise—so please point me in the right direction if I've posted this in the wrong place. I was one of six beneficiaries, in addition to my mother’s five siblings, to my late grandmother's...