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Insurance law is the practice of law surrounding insurance, including insurance policies and claims. It can be broadly broken into three categories - regulation of the business of insurance; regulation of the content of insurance policies, especially with regard to consumer policies; and regulation of claim

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  1. Integrityisundervalued

    NSW SIRA Regulations and NSW W. Comp Legistlation NOT been followed

    I suffered years of "bullying" at work by coordinator. Followed the complaints management procedures set out by my employer Complained in writing to management, requesting equal treatment and a safe workplace. Was ignored for the most part though do have in writing emails from management noting...
  2. A

    VIC Loss of Future Earnings - 40% decrease criteria satisfied

    Any answers & thoughts would be appreciated... Scenario: 1. Injury caused a permanent decrease in potential earning capacity greater than 40% 2. 98C IB claim lodged 3. IB Assessment determines 30% permanent impairment Agent fails to issue Notice of Impairment. Time allowed has expired. Claim...
  3. B

    VIC Can claim be denied if third parties don’t provide documentation that is not relevant to claim?

    A tree fell onto my car whilst parked on private property during a storm and completely wrote it off. The insurance is in my name but the vehicle was in the possession of a friend whom is listed as a regular driver on the policy. The insurance company is demanding a full driving history record...
  4. B

    QLD Wedding Equipment - Risks Under Insurance Law?

    Hi, Not sure if this is posted in the correct area, so my apologies if it isn’t. I have just started up a very small business hiring out 1-metre tall wooden “love” letter light up display mainly for weddings and engagement parties in Queensland We deliver, set up and pack down the display...
  5. 4

    VIC Reporting Scam of Insurance Company?

    I've been scammed by a big car insurance company (not sure if I can publish the name) for several years. The windscreen replacement is an option while the excess policy is around $700. So the scam is if replacing the windscreen costs around $300, why I should pay the insurance? The contract...
  6. E

    Change of Cash Settlement - What to Do Under Insurance Law?

    I was in a car accident and my insurer deemed that I wasn't at fault and agreed to pay a cash settlement amount for the damages because I was leaving the country. I received an email confirming that the excess was waived. A couple of weeks later I received the payment remittance advice and to...
  7. J

    SA Uninsured Mum Hit My Car - Insurance Law Recourse?

    Hey - wondering what the best way to go about my claim is. My mum reversed into my car and has left a pretty large dent. The car door is broken, and panels will need to be replaced. My mum was uninsured, and I have full comprehensive. I have read and it appears I have the ability to claim...
  8. H

    VIC Overtaken while merging, Vehicle damaged

    Hi all, On my way home today, traffic backs up on the freeway as usual. I was in the left hand lane, which at a crawl, merges right. The P plater in the 4wd behind me, tried to overtake me on the left, via the emergency lane, as I was about a third of my way into the right lane. I cut left to...
  9. S

    Total Permanent Disablement

    I was employee of the federal government from 2007-2016. I had received income protection payments through my Superannuation fund Pssap - AIA Insurance. I failed to return to work after many attempts. On the 7th of October 2015, I called Pssap and spoke about Total Permanenet Disablement...
  10. P

    VIC Insurance Law - Is Business Liable to Damage to Car?

    Hi everyone, If a business has installed fold down parking bollards on their property, which is for employees and customers, would that business be liable to damage done to a customer's car under insurance law if the bollard rips a piece of the undercarriage clean off? The car has not been...