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Insurance law is the practice of law surrounding insurance, including insurance policies and claims. It can be broadly broken into three categories - regulation of the business of insurance; regulation of the content of insurance policies, especially with regard to consumer policies; and regulation of claim

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  1. E

    QLD Insurer Overpaid Me

    Recently claimed on my contents insurance for the first time after owning the policy for many years. They originally tried to get out of the claim but after me telling them I would go to the ombudsman they agreed to pay me. When they called me to tell me what I would receive I was quite shocked...
  2. J

    Accident caused by faulty car - who pays?

    We just bought a second-hand car from a dealer. In the first week driving, it developed a fault where it went to full revs when starting, and when put in gear (its an auto) it lurched forward This was in a car park. It jumped about a metre - just far enough to hit the side of another vehicle...
  3. A

    QLD How does indemnity protect committee members of an unincorporated association — namely the President, Secretary, and Treasurer?

    Hi! I was wondering how indemnity works in relation to an unincorporated association. What do you need to ensure to know that you are absolutely protected? What laws relate to indemnity requirements / elements? Especially pertaining to the roles of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  4. Integrityisundervalued

    NSW SIRA Regulations and NSW W. Comp Legistlation NOT been followed

    I suffered years of "bullying" at work by coordinator. Followed the complaints management procedures set out by my employer Complained in writing to management, requesting equal treatment and a safe workplace. Was ignored for the most part though do have in writing emails from management noting...
  5. A

    VIC Loss of Future Earnings - 40% decrease criteria satisfied

    Any answers & thoughts would be appreciated... Scenario: 1. Injury caused a permanent decrease in potential earning capacity greater than 40% 2. 98C IB claim lodged 3. IB Assessment determines 30% permanent impairment Agent fails to issue Notice of Impairment. Time allowed has expired. Claim...
  6. B

    VIC Can claim be denied if third parties don’t provide documentation that is not relevant to claim?

    A tree fell onto my car whilst parked on private property during a storm and completely wrote it off. The insurance is in my name but the vehicle was in the possession of a friend whom is listed as a regular driver on the policy. The insurance company is demanding a full driving history record...
  7. B

    QLD Wedding Equipment - Risks Under Insurance Law?

    Hi, Not sure if this is posted in the correct area, so my apologies if it isn’t. I have just started up a very small business hiring out 1-metre tall wooden “love” letter light up display mainly for weddings and engagement parties in Queensland We deliver, set up and pack down the display...
  8. 4

    VIC Reporting Scam of Insurance Company?

    I've been scammed by a big car insurance company (not sure if I can publish the name) for several years. The windscreen replacement is an option while the excess policy is around $700. So the scam is if replacing the windscreen costs around $300, why I should pay the insurance? The contract...
  9. E

    Change of Cash Settlement - What to Do Under Insurance Law?

    I was in a car accident and my insurer deemed that I wasn't at fault and agreed to pay a cash settlement amount for the damages because I was leaving the country. I received an email confirming that the excess was waived. A couple of weeks later I received the payment remittance advice and to...
  10. J

    SA Uninsured Mum Hit My Car - Insurance Law Recourse?

    Hey - wondering what the best way to go about my claim is. My mum reversed into my car and has left a pretty large dent. The car door is broken, and panels will need to be replaced. My mum was uninsured, and I have full comprehensive. I have read and it appears I have the ability to claim...