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  1. J

    I have a judgment but the defendant hasn't paid

    A mutual agreement was made on 29/07/2019 for the sale of goods valued at $780.00AUD, note that it was via an online platform ( i'm based in Canberra, she is in Brisbane) . They buyer sent a false 'proof of payment' screenshot in which by then i had already sent the items to her. We've been...
  2. A

    Magistrates Court Recordings

    Hi, I’m a victim of crime and want to get a court recording from the magistrates court for the plea and sentence hearings. The sentence hearing was late last year so I’m assuming the recordings are available. Can you advise what reason I should indicate in the application.
  3. G

    WA Strata title and unpaid levies and form 3 notice to Magistrates Court

    Hi, I jointly own a unit in Perth WA (bought off the plan) with many building faults which have not been rectified and directly affect our unit (water ingress, consequential damage to laminated flooring which had gone mouldy and mouldings that had rotted and snapped in the process - this has...
  4. J

    VIC 12 months summary offence time limit?

    I have a family member that breached my intervention order in Nov 2018, breach is related to Ato. ATO didn't notify us of the breach until almost September 2019, we subsequently reported to the police. The told us it's a summary offence and there is a 12 months time limit which ends Nov 2019...
  5. R

    QLD Getting My Police Clearance for Visa Purposes?

    Hi, My name is Raj. I have been charged at magistrates court in 2012 (Queensland) January and fined $500 which is already paid. It was all about stealing stuff from the shop and I feel guilty that time. Now I have checked with court they said there is no conviction recorded. So is it possible...
  6. DailyWebClicks

    WA Default judgement from magistrates court for debt

    Hello my question is I have received a default judgement of $26,797.62 with interest the claim has included a fraud judgement also cost of default judgement which is around $250. The unsecured creditor has told me their intentions to declare me bankrupt. So my question is should I wait for...
  7. B

    WA Can I Sue Someone for Legal Costs Incurred?

    An employee really wanted to make an unfair dismissal case against us. We are a small business and she had been employed for less than 12 months so she was unable. Despite the UD claim lodged out of time Fairwork kindly suggested she look into general protections as the small business code...
  8. J

    WA Outstanding Credit Card Debt from 2014 - What to Do?

    I became aware of an outstanding credit card debt from 2014 that I truly thought had been paid off. I had found myself in a difficult financial situation towards the end of 2014 with a few outstanding debts. I had a very good friend come to my rescue at the time and generously agreed to pay...
  9. T

    Next step in the process? - Self Rep

    Hi all. So, I have an employment claim against my previous employer in a Queensland Magistrates Court. I am the Plaintiff. I filed the claim, got no response. Filed for a default judgement. Got it. Defense filed to have the default judgement set aside and succeeded.... basically, between...
  10. J

    QLD Daily Law List in Magistrates Court - Finding the Previous Lists?

    Hey everyone. The magistrates court post a daily court list see link below. This list is automatically updated. Is there anywhere to look up previous lists? I'm chasing 08/05/19 of this link and 29/04/19 of this...