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The WiLL brand was a marketing approach shared by a small group of Japanese companies who decided to offer products and services that focused on a younger demographic from August 1999 until July 2004 in Japan. The companies that participated were the Kao Corporation (a manufacturer of personal hygiene, household detergents, and cosmetics), Toyota, Asahi Breweries, Panasonic, Kinki Nippon Tourist Company, Ltd, Ezaki Glico Candy, and Kokuyo Co., Ltd. (an office furniture and stationery manufacturer). Toyota also engaged in a similar "youth oriented" approach in North America, with the Project Genesis program. This selective marketing experiment reflected a Japanese engineering philosophy called Kansei engineering, which was used by other Japanese companies. All products were listed online at "willshop.com".

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  1. J

    QLD Minor shoplift- will police come to my house ?

    Hi, I was stupid and had really bad friends, they influenced me to shoplift, after seeing them with goods I got the idea of shoplifting. At first I stole a tshirt at supre for $20 and was able to get away with it. I felt very guilty but After a few days later I went to a different shopping mall...
  2. L

    Deceased estate - no Will in place

    My Dad passed away, with no will in place. His "friend" has obtained a letter of administration, they had a home jointly mortgaged. My Dad also had personal shares and personal savings. What happens now? Does she need a solicitor and an accountant to finalise his estate? We have had no contact...
  3. C

    VIC will dispute

    Does a person contesting a will have to provide evidence to support their claim?
  4. C

    VIC will dispute

    Does someone contesting a will have to provide evidence in making their claim?
  5. L

    NSW Will

    Need help understanding a will
  6. A

    VIC Will form 888 come back and haunt me in the future?

    Hi all I am extremely confused, and in a tough position. Short story: My brother is an Australian citizen. He wants to fill in form 888 for his girlfriend, lets say Mary. Mary is from country A. The problem is, my brother is asking me to be a witness and sign form 888. My question is, will I...
  7. A

    SA Liability or Beneficiaries of deceased estate-No Will

    My sister in laws defacto partner of 26 years passed away with no will. The deceased has one 34 year old son. The deceased has finance debts on his assets (house/ car etc). Neither the defacto or the son have their names on any loan paperwork. Who would be liable for any outstanding debts or...
  8. H

    Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) fundamentally change the role of a lawyer and the affordability of access to the law.

    Hi All, I am establishing this post because I want to start to appreciate how a "reasonable person" will utilise disruptive technologies in Law. The aim is to create an organisation that offers better quality legal service at nearly zero marginal cost for every human being on this planet...
  9. M

    QLD Does Executor of will have to inform beneficiaries of distribution of assets

    My father-in-law passed away 6 weeks ago and his wife had passed away 9 weeks prior. A few days after my Mother-in-law had passed away my Nephew talked my father-in-law into making a new will in which he was named Executor of will. Also at this time my father-in-law was wanting to pay for his...
  10. A

    QLD Non-beneficiary contesting Will

    My grandmother passed away March this year and left her home and estate to myself, my brother and my cousin. My uncle (her Son) is contesting her wishes wanting half of the estate and her house. In the past he had to declare bankruptcy, he was abusive to his wife and daughter, he was a gambler...