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The WiLL brand was a marketing approach shared by a small group of Japanese companies who decided to offer products and services that focused on a younger demographic from August 1999 until July 2004 in Japan. The companies that participated were the Kao Corporation (a manufacturer of personal hygiene, household detergents, and cosmetics), Toyota, Asahi Breweries, Panasonic, Kinki Nippon Tourist Company, Ltd, Ezaki Glico Candy, and Kokuyo Co., Ltd. (an office furniture and stationery manufacturer). Toyota also engaged in a similar "youth oriented" approach in North America, with the Project Genesis program. This selective marketing experiment reflected a Japanese engineering philosophy called Kansei engineering, which was used by other Japanese companies. All products were listed online at "willshop.com".

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  1. N

    NSW Executor / Estate Attorney Demanding Beneficiaries Sign Statutory Declarations in order to Receive their Distributions from Estate

    I am one of ten (10) beneficiaries of a Will in equal shares. The estate is all cash. I have been asked to sign a Statutory Declaration that includes provisions regarding a) not being an undischarged bankrupt, b) I have not pledged estate assets to secure a debt and also c) to indemnify the...
  2. E

    VIC Shoplifting and get caught in coles, will it affect my character rating and PR application.

    Scenario: At first, when I come out from coles. They stopped me in the exit of coles. Then, they asked me to open my bag and show them the stuff I stole. There are two juice and two piece of chicken breast total$11.28. They took picture of my face, passport and the stuffs I stole. I said I am so...
  3. M

    NSW swabbed in 2016 got a 12 month bond.. went mid range drink driving the other day will i go to jail ?

    hi there i recently got caught drink driving which was a very stupid move, I went mid range and have a court date next week i am just concerned what the penalties will be as i have been swabbed for cannabis back in 2016. I completed the traffic offenders course and got a 12 month good behaviour...
  4. T

    QLD Mum died intestate sisters won't tell me who is handling her estate.

    Hi, my mum died intestate in March this year, my father died 10 years ago, I have 2 sisters. My mum's house title shows her as sole owner with a bank mortgage attached to it, my sisters have lived in mum's house for many years. I have requested information from my eldest sister on what is...
  5. K

    NSW Validity of will made by a non-competent

    My brother has been allocated an enduring POA. He's had numerous run-ins with the law and suffers delusions, and has been under the care of numerous psychiatrists. For a will to be valid the person making the will must be legally competent. It would seem then that any will made will not be...
  6. estatesplus

    WA Wondering How To Create A Will Online In WA?

    Create Will Online WA is no easy peak to conquer. It is undeniably one of the most important documents in your life. You need to be meticulous while creating a will. Fret not; EstatesPlus is there at your every beck and call. Our team of legal attorneys can help you wade through the process...
  7. L

    NSW A will without an Executor

    I'm writing on behalf of my sister-in-law in Sydney. Her 93 y.o. mother has Alzheimers. Mum had her will made up many years ago and appointed her brother as Executor. Last year her brother passed away. Sister and her brother have joint Power of Attorney but no one has done anything about...
  8. B

    wording of will

    The wording of a will I am named in states: I give devise and bequeath any real estate that I own at the date of my death to A: Q1 - Does this include all the contents of the house as well? Q2 - If the house has to be sold for the owner to go into a Nursing Home, does this...
  9. D

    VIC Will dispute and Probate messy

    Hi My father has minimal assets/accounts to distribute and should be simple, I am executor. I had been told that probate is not necessary, due to only small furniture left and 2 bank accounts and no house (as went to ex wife immediately upon death due to no settlement done in time). Is probate...
  10. S

    I know about a fradulent "will" - what do I do?

    My friend who I cared for throughout his cancer passed a few days ago without a will. He never completed his will because he desperately wanted to find his illegitimate daughter and provide for her. We didn't find the girl before he passed but he did ask someone to be his executor. The...