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The WiLL brand was a marketing approach shared by a small group of Japanese companies who decided to offer products and services that focused on a younger demographic from August 1999 until July 2004 in Japan. The companies that participated were the Kao Corporation (a manufacturer of personal hygiene, household detergents, and cosmetics), Toyota, Asahi Breweries, Panasonic, Kinki Nippon Tourist Company, Ltd, Ezaki Glico Candy, and Kokuyo Co., Ltd. (an office furniture and stationery manufacturer). Toyota also engaged in a similar "youth oriented" approach in North America, with the Project Genesis program. This selective marketing experiment reflected a Japanese engineering philosophy called Kansei engineering, which was used by other Japanese companies. All products were listed online at "willshop.com".

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  1. C

    WA What to do in case of interstate death where parent's will status unknown.

    Hi All, I've a mother and father who both live in Western Australia. My father has remarried, and currently owns at least two properties with his second wife. We are rarely in contact and the relationship is strained, not least due to the nature of the woman he remarried to. Suffice to say she...
  2. pdxfingerprinting

    Is a fingerprint background check equal to an FBI background check? If so, then will they see my erased criminal records?

    A fingerprint background check is not exactly the same as an FBI background check, but they are related processes. A fingerprint background check involves comparing an individual's fingerprints against a database of fingerprints to verify identity and check for a criminal history. This process...
  3. D

    VIC Wording in new draft Will

    Hello, I am in progress of drafting a new Will but baffled as to whether wording put into the draft is appropriate. 1.It basically states that if one of my joint beneficiary sons predeceases me, that share goes to his child. There is no date specified for survival of beneficiaries after my...
  4. I

    WA Will

    Will made to children when parent dies what happens when some of siblings die before the will maker does the wife or husband of the child get the inheritance or does it go to the rest of the siblings
  5. R

    WA I was in Bunbury prison for 8 months I got out on the 12/09/2023 and I find out that my sister had been seen selling everything of dad's will which he

    Please if you can call me back to see what you can do for me thanks 0403 709 578 that's my number
  6. L

    QLD Legal Will

    I have prepared a will in the presence of two witnesses, and I have stored it in a secure location at my home. Additionally, I have informed my appointed executors about the whereabouts of the will. Is this document still considered legally valid? Must a will be stored at a solicitor's office as...
  7. brettws

    QLD Shoplifted out of panick, did not get caught, will police follow up?

    I Shoplifted abput $50 worth of groceries from coles last week. Very ashamed of myself, no excuse that i have resorted to stealing when honest people are working hard and paying to make ends meet. I am remorseful and needing advice if i need to turn myself in or risk prosecution by police i...
  8. J

    Lawyer who drew up will is the safer option?

    My late uncle made me his sole executor, and his estate consists of just one bank balance. There is only one beneficiary. The solicitor who drew up his will gave me a quote based on his hourly rate. The cost agreement said it is impossible to know precisely the final fee but that it could be...
  9. C

    NSW Tax implication of distributing an estate differently to the Will

    I'm in NSW and the deceased's Will containing property in NSW is in my favour. But I'm agreeing to split the estate evenly with the executor who is in Queensland. We want to avoid a complex Deed by making an informal agreement. But the executor said her lawyer was worried that the executor's...
  10. Z

    WA Contested will - Sister wants half of home Mum left me - Family Provision Act

    Was full-time carer for my Mum for 3 years until she died. She left me the house I now live in. Sister has claimed half via Family Provisions Act. Sister owns a house and earns $600 a month more than me, but is claiming hardship. The thought of paying rent to live in share houses as I grow...