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The WiLL brand was a marketing approach shared by a small group of Japanese companies who decided to offer products and services that focused on a younger demographic from August 1999 until July 2004 in Japan. The companies that participated were the Kao Corporation (a manufacturer of personal hygiene, household detergents, and cosmetics), Toyota, Asahi Breweries, Panasonic, Kinki Nippon Tourist Company, Ltd, Ezaki Glico Candy, and Kokuyo Co., Ltd. (an office furniture and stationery manufacturer). Toyota also engaged in a similar "youth oriented" approach in North America, with the Project Genesis program. This selective marketing experiment reflected a Japanese engineering philosophy called Kansei engineering, which was used by other Japanese companies. All products were listed online at "willshop.com".

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  1. D

    VIC Will leaving property to step daughter

    Hi I had moved into a joint property with my partner and his Will states basically that all furniture is to be left to his daughter. The furniture was all replaced brand new at my cost. I have receipts to prove purchases. Can daughter/or executor demand it be removed to them, if something does...
  2. Skateboard

    VIC Solicitor said he hasn’t kept a copy of my wife’s will

    My solicitor said he hasn’t kept a copy of my wife’s will she made in the 15/2/2022. Sadly she passed away a month later. My son and s the executor and the will was filed at the Victorian Supreme Court by the solicitor. Bizarrely when I emailed the solicitor detailing what I wanted he denied...
  3. K

    NSW Broken stormwater pipes next door , water seeping into my property , neighbour will not fix

    My adjoining neighbour, whose property sits slightly higher than mine, has an old terracotta stormwater pipe collecting water from their roof that has multiple cracks and leaks in it. This runs along and close to our common boundary under a concrete path on their side. There is a brick...
  4. T

    NSW Respondent argues financial records sought will soon expire so don't need to be produced - Tribunal agrees and wants me to make a case otherwise!

    Is there some sort of technical term or legal concept I can state as to why the matter shouldn't be dismissed? I've been seeking a number of financial records from a number of years from strata. While the tribunal agreed I was entitled to them the tribunal also agreed with the respondent that...
  5. S


    my wife and her sister are executors of their mothers will , her sister wants to have her share of funds deposited into daughters bank account to avoid any decrease in her pension. want to know how this could potentially affect my wife being an executor , any comebacks on my wife if found out ...
  6. S

    QLD Shoplifting coles- will police attend my house?

    Hi, I was picked up by two kids prevention officers at Cole’s for $20 worth of items. I paid for them and they took copy of my id. They told me nothing would happen and shook my hand on it. I’m worried. Anyone had this happen. My whole life would be gone if I get charged. It wasn’t purposeful...
  7. S

    NSW Does my ex-hunband legally have to tell me where he will be staying with the kids when he has them?

    Hi, my ex-husand hasn't seen our children for nearly a year and will get them next weekend (10yr & 7 yr old). He lives 4 hours away and will be driving to the city where I live to pick them up and stay with them for 2 nights. He won't tell me where he is staying with them. Does he leaglly have...
  8. M

    NSW Contesting a Will and chanlenging the validity of a Will

    A few years ago my brother came to my house and told me what was in his Will which was prepared by an independent solicitor and his ex-wife who still lived in the property and who works in a legal office, has given Probate a Will that is nothing like my brother's wishes giving her everything and...
  9. I

    QLD Property relating to a will

    Hi My mother who is still alive has left her home to my sister and i in her will 50/50. My sister needed some money so mum transferred 47% of the title into her name so she could borrow against the equity in the home which our mother owned outright. It has now come to light that she has...
  10. J

    QLD Age to inherit in will.

    Can you state a certain age for a beneficiary to receive money from a will for 1 child and not state the same age for the other without explanation in will? My children's grand mother states age 25 for my daughter and 30 for my son. She does not state the reason why. Can we challege this? I...