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  1. L

    NSW A will without an Executor

    I'm writing on behalf of my sister-in-law in Sydney. Her 93 y.o. mother has Alzheimers. Mum had her will made up many years ago and appointed her brother as Executor. Last year her brother passed away. Sister and her brother have joint Power of Attorney but no one has done anything about...
  2. B

    wording of will

    The wording of a will I am named in states: I give devise and bequeath any real estate that I own at the date of my death to A: Q1 - Does this include all the contents of the house as well? Q2 - If the house has to be sold for the owner to go into a Nursing Home, does this...
  3. D

    VIC Will dispute and Probate messy

    Hi My father has minimal assets/accounts to distribute and should be simple, I am executor. I had been told that probate is not necessary, due to only small furniture left and 2 bank accounts and no house (as went to ex wife immediately upon death due to no settlement done in time). Is probate...
  4. S

    I know about a fradulent "will" - what do I do?

    My friend who I cared for throughout his cancer passed a few days ago without a will. He never completed his will because he desperately wanted to find his illegitimate daughter and provide for her. We didn't find the girl before he passed but he did ask someone to be his executor. The...
  5. D

    SA Family Will.

    Hello my father died in 1974 and I was aged 10. In 1982 my grandmother passed away after her husband (my grandfather ) passed away several years before. My grandmother owned a house that my father grew up in. When my grandmother died the will she wrote stated that the house she owned would go...
  6. M

    NSW CRO without conviction expires today. WIll it show up on a police check

    I had a CRO without conviction last year, it expires today.. I have been approved for a job that requires a police check be done. If my CRO expires today is that just automatic or is there a process I need to go through to make sure it doesnt come up on my police check, is there somewhere i can...
  7. J

    VIC Thirty

    Hi I just want to know what will happen if I saw someone stealing items from supermarket and I didn’t tell the staff members and I just helped him to get out of the supermarket
  8. S

    QLD New Will defames main beneficiary of previous will

    My father made up a new Will during stage 4 cancer 4& a 1/2 months before he died. My inheritance went from 80% in previous Will down to 10%. My brother's went from 20% to 70%and the remaining 10%to new beneficiaries,relatives of the new executor.The new will incorrectly states my name...
  9. John Z

    QLD What happens when a protection order ends.

    Hi, I have a protection order that will end soon, I'm curious as to what will happen when it ends. Before anyone says it I can not afford a lawyer now. Im almost homeless. Im guessing my ex will try to get another one. Anyone have any ideas. Id love to just get my perosnal belongings that she...
  10. Adam Bolt

    Online Retailer wont supply after accepting payment. Website guarantees you will get what you paid for.

    I have a question which doesnt seem to be fully answered on this site. I purchased an item off an online website which was selling the item for a 3rd party seller (Both the website store and 3rd party seller are located in Australia). The item I paid for was heavily discounted show an RSP and...