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  1. S

    NSW Police purposely lying to drag AVO matter including hearing turns into a mention.

    I've been targeted for over a decade by police. I was married to a person that has a personality disorder. Throughout the last 15 years I've been subjected to disgusting, outrageous and simply criminal behaviours purposely done to assist my ex wife who is a compulsive liar, child abuser and...
  2. F

    NSW Accessing a affidavit filed at the family court NSW

    My ex partner has been embroiled in a custody and property dispute with her ex partner at the family court NSW for just under 2 years . I was recently informed from a friend of my ex that in a recent affidavit that my ex submitted she has made all sorts of false allegations against me from...
  3. R


    HI, I am trying to find out how to challenge an interpretation by the Landlord, of a Settlement Agreement regarding rent rises in a Residential Land Lease Community. The Agreement was set down by the Strata Mediation, Customer Services of NSW Department of Fair Trading. This Agreement, signed...
  4. Q

    First Home Owners Grant - NSW eligiblity if inherited property

    Hi All, just 2 quick questions! Am I eligible for First Home Owners Grant if already inherited portion of a property deed from parent? If inherited part of an existing property, does it affect my eligibility to apply for an owner occupier home loan for a new property? Thanks, Quickblue
  5. J

    NSW Leniency for perfect driving record - should I contest?

    Approximately 2 weeks ago, I received a fine for driving an unregistered vehicle. The car was only out by a week, we have a new baby and combined with the stress from current circumstances we had forgotten to register for the first time ever. When the police officer pulled me over, he seemed...
  6. R


    Can a foreign resident apply for an AVO in NSW without being present in Australia?
  7. B

    Sale of house in NSW

    My eldest sister is a widower, no children. She has left her house to be divided between me and other sister (who is the Executor) With a deceased estate, does the Executor need to involve a lawyer in the sale of the property? Does money then go straight into both our bank accounts, or into the...
  8. L


    Hi, A car has been abandoned in my rental property garage. It has no rego plates on it. The tenant was evicted after months long process and given months of notice and final court ordered eviction by sheriff and notice ordered to remove goods property and his cars was given 2+ weeks ago. He...
  9. marianapower

    NSW Question about Legal Costs Agreement

    Hello, I recently hired a law firm for a commercial matter. When I received a settlement offer, I was happy to take the offer - but the law firm said they could get more money/better outcome and this turned into further Deed negotiations. I was given a costs agreement of $12,000 and I put...
  10. A

    NSW Law Reform Commission

    So recently our topic is about law reform and I got this question: How effective do you think the New South Wales Law Reform Commission is at initiating law reform? Provide a real world example. I was wondering if any of you may have suggestions