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  1. B

    Sale of house in NSW

    My eldest sister is a widower, no children. She has left her house to be divided between me and other sister (who is the Executor) With a deceased estate, does the Executor need to involve a lawyer in the sale of the property? Does money then go straight into both our bank accounts, or into the...
  2. L


    Hi, A car has been abandoned in my rental property garage. It has no rego plates on it. The tenant was evicted after months long process and given months of notice and final court ordered eviction by sheriff and notice ordered to remove goods property and his cars was given 2+ weeks ago. He...
  3. marianapower

    NSW Question about Legal Costs Agreement

    Hello, I recently hired a law firm for a commercial matter. When I received a settlement offer, I was happy to take the offer - but the law firm said they could get more money/better outcome and this turned into further Deed negotiations. I was given a costs agreement of $12,000 and I put...
  4. A

    NSW Law Reform Commission

    So recently our topic is about law reform and I got this question: How effective do you think the New South Wales Law Reform Commission is at initiating law reform? Provide a real world example. I was wondering if any of you may have suggestions
  5. Perp

    NSW Can a NSW solicitor not admitted by the NSW Bar Association hold themselves out as a 'solicitor and barrister'?

    This man has a supervised practicing certificate in NSW. The NSW Bar Association says that he is not admitted to the bar. His email footer says, and he introduces himself as, a 'solicitor and barrister'. Kosher?
  6. 2

    VIC IO taken out in Vic against QLD Respondent for alleged event in NSW

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I'll try and keep it brief. This is for a friend, not me. :) Friends version can be substaniated with witnesses or evidence. Male friend (respondent) had casual relations with a female (applicant) from late 2018 in QLD. Applicant moved 2...
  7. K

    Long service leave in NSW

    Hi, I have been working for the same business for over 12 years and recently left my job with no real notice, just calls and texts. Am I still entitled to my long service leave, I'm in NSW Sydney
  8. T

    NSW Claiming Damages for Non-Financial Loss in NSW?

    Can damages for inconvenience, shock, distress, humiliation etc be claimed in the NSW local court in small claims and NSW Civil and Consumer Tribunal small claims?
  9. K

    NSW Buying poor car from private seller that lying the car problem

    Hi, My husband bought used car from private seller on Facebook . We paid in cash. After bought we drive back and went to car repair service to check because we felt something wrong with the engine. We also asked him about the engine problem but he lied to tell he said no problem. As repairer...
  10. R

    NSW Wanting to sublease 3rd room in house

    Hi there, A friend and I have recently rented a 3 bedroom place and are looking for a 3rd person to move in. We applied for the place and as it's a 3 bedroom place we assumed 3 people would be okay, we got accepted and transferred the deposit (2 weeks rent) and bond (4 weeks rent) before we...