letter of demand

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A demand letter, or letter of demand (of payment), is a letter stating a legal claim (usually drafted by a lawyer) which makes a demand for restitution or performance of some obligation, owing to the recipients' alleged breach of contract, or for a legal wrong. Although demand letters are not legally required they are frequently used, especially in contract law, tort law, and commercial law cases. For example, if one anticipates a breach, it is advantageous to send a demand letter asserting that the other side appears to be in breach and requesting assurances of performances. Demand letters that are not responded to may constitute admissions by silence. Also, a demand letter will often generate a denial letter stating the basis for rejecting your side's claim (such as when the incorrect entity is sued), and is sometimes a good indication of what defenses will be raised if a suit is brought later.Demand letters are sometimes used as a form of harassment and/or intimidation.

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  1. Aloola Cairo

    WA Unregistered truck in my driveway- my private house. Why can't I keep it?

    Unregistered truck in my driveway- my private house. Why can't I keep it? The Cockburn council has told me I have 1 month to get rid of this truck that I bought to fix up, and eventually use as a travelling home. I have been told, as it's not registered, that I have to get rid of it. I have a...
  2. D

    Fences damaged by neighbour (WA) - Letter of Demand

    Hi All and thanks for any input. In WA we have HardiFence which is compressed concrete sheets in a wave profile and tin capping on the top. It has now been phased out in WA and only ColorBond Fencing is available. I have owned this property for over 23 years, the Hardi Fences on one side...
  3. T

    QLD Got an extortion letter of demand from KodakOne and Ryde about images

    Hello guys, Good day. We just received a surprising letter of demand from Ryde / KodakOne from Germany asking for an unreasonable amount of money, 900 Euros, for an image on a website used by us. We have no idea how the image was up there except for the possibility that a sub contracted web...
  4. K

    QLD What to Do with Uncollected Property Under Property Law?

    Hi, Just wondering what steps I need take to get someone to remove their property from my residence. My brother and his partner were evicted from a property approximately 2 years ago. Some of their stuff came to my house and the rest put into a storage container. Shortly after this, they...
  5. nic3113

    QLD Sale of Assets to Pay Company Debts?

    I am in desperate of some help. My Ex husband had a company of which he was director of. During our marriage. I became a secretary to enable him to borrow more money. He had an overdraft ( 100 k ) that was secured against our property and he would buy trucks to work on road construction. During...
  6. A

    VIC Letter of Demand - Housemate Not Paying Bills?

    I am a co-tenant with another person in Victoria. When we moved in we agreed that rent and all bills would be split in half. The co-tenant is refusing to pay the bills + rent. The rent is not technically due yet but I had to pay the co tenants half of the bills as the co tenant refused to pay...
  7. J

    VIC Financial Hardship - Letter of Demand for Excess Costs?

    I was involved in a car accident where the other person claims I was at fault. I have received a letter of demand from their lawyer to pay costs in excess of $10,000. I am currently on Centrelink benefits as income only and have no significant assets (ie. Car, house, etc). What should my...
  8. S

    VIC Getting Back Deposit for Privately Bought Car?

    I have a quick question to see what I can do to get my money back. I was buying a car privately that had quite a lot of interest in it, so I went and checked out the car and it all looked well. We both agreed that I would place a $400 deposit on the vehicle to hold it, subject that it passes a...
  9. K

    NSW Letter of Demand Ignored by Company - What to Do?

    How can I recover a A$103,000 deposit paid for raw material to produce an Infant Nutritional Supplement for export to China, whereby the company we signed the contract with has failed to deliver. I have tried to contact them directly and sent a Letter of Demand, both of which have been ignored.
  10. R

    VIC Verbal Agreement Through Facebook - Letter of Demand?

    I have recently left a share-housing situation where I covered the costs of the $1596 bond deduction with the verbal agreement that my co-tenant would pay his part of $792 directly to me out of his pocket. A month has now passed and despite repeated admittance that he owes me money and a date...