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  1. Vukza

    QLD False Allegations, DVO and Stolen Items - What to Do?

    So my brother has been in an abusive relationship with a woman and he's called off the relationship with her (they were together 4 months and living together in this time). Once he called off the relationship she's then accused him of raping her, beating her and her kids that they both lived...
  2. S

    ACT Friend Not Returning Money - Recovering Personal Loan?

    My wife and I have given a friend a combined money of 31k. He is not returning it back. I have some chats on Facebook and WhatsApp about the personal loan. Not sure if those are exactly very clear to be used as evidence... Most of it was verbal... All transfers were through the bank. How can I...
  3. D

    Overdued Personal Loan

    Hi, I borrowed a personal loan from a person on 2016 to pay for my university fee and signed a written notice about two weeks afterwards saying I will return the money on January 2017. However I could not return the money and the man kept harassing me by calling and emailing every day saying...
  4. B

    Cross state personal loan

    Hi. I loaned someone a 5 digit amount and we had a falling out. I have texts confirming the amount, and stating she acknowledges that it is in fact a loan and not a gift but no payment plan or time frame for the money to be repaid. Will the texts with the amount, acknowledgement it's a loan and...
  5. J

    NSW Is oral contract legal?

    10 years ago I gave a family friend a personal loan of $8000.00 without any legal document sign (contract etc). Even though she said that she will give me back the money as soon as possible but over 10 years she only pay me back $3000.00 I just find out that the person have plan to travel...
  6. P

    NSW Personal Loan contract (loaning money to a friend)

    Hello, I'm about to loan $60,000 to a friend to assist her to build a house. I do trust her implicitly. However, we both realise the importance of a legally binding contract just in case something goes awry. Is there any templates available that I can use that is airtight? Also, she is happy...
  7. M

    QLD Who can be Party to a Personal Loan?

    Several years ago, my wife contacted her mother to ask about financial help. She knew her siblings had been able to borrow money from their mother basically as an advance drawing from their family inheritance. Her mother agreed to do the same for my wife. Essentially the personal loan was...
  8. S

    NSW Recovering Personal Loan from a Friend?

    Hi, I recently gave a personal loan to a “friend” which is documented under a unsecured loan agreement. The terms of the loan are that weekly repayments be made by the “friend”, but they are not paying and in hindsight I believe they never intended to pay the loan at all. They used the loan...
  9. tolga

    WA Unfair Settlement After Separation - What to Do?

    Hi all, I'm from Perth WA, been married for 24 years and need help, and here is my long story… I've been the main financial contributor for many years, from having multiple jobs, spending almost 8 years in the mines that also included a large redundancy payout and company bonuses. Now, back...
  10. M

    NSW Reconciliation of Personal Loan Debt from Ex?

    Ok, so a bit of background: My ex bullied me into getting a $20000 personal loan which he said he would pay half off. I didn't want it but I coped with verbal abuse when I said no until I gave in. My ex crashed the first car, which I purchased with the loan as I was pregnant with his child. 2...