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  1. Y

    VIC Facebook Defamation

    Hi, seeking an opinion here. Any responses are taken as opinion only, merely looking for some guidance! I have and am the administrator of a closed, private group on Facebook (example: XXXXX Example Group Disappointed Landlords). I have been threatened with defamation papers. Given the group...
  2. O

    The use of Facebook Messenger for defemation

    my wife uses Facebook Messenger to send defamation against me and to hide it. Can I take actions against her?
  3. L

    VIC Facebook Admin And Food Businesses

    A Facebook user has set up a great local page to support food traders through the covid pandemic. 11,000 group members. Over the past few days many people have jumped on the bandwagon and are advertising meals/cakes etc for sale under their personal name. I sent a message publicly to admin...
  4. M

    WA Facebook Admin Responsibility - Can They Get Sued?

    Hi, Hoping you can solve a question for me about a Facebook issue. My Daughter started a Community Group several years ago and is Admin along with several close friends and her husband. The issue at the moment surrounds the Covid-19 virus. A couple of the group's members are not happy with...
  5. O

    VIC FJ Holden Repair - Dispute and Enforcement of VCAT Order

    Very long story. Located my mother's old FJ Holden in 2010, badly rusted, missing parts, but repairable, over the next 6 years I accumulated parts to make the car whole, purchasing the final piece mid 2016, I then went about looking for a business to do rust repairs and paint, I was recommended...
  6. A

    NSW Facebook rejecting my copyright take down request

    Hi.... I created a compilation video using clips from my friends instagram account. (All clips are hers and I used them with her full permission) and uploaded my creation to my facebook page and I later noticed that someone had stolen it, placed their watermark on it and uploaded it to YouTube...
  7. S

    VIC Defamation of Character by Partner's Ex - Help?

    My partner's ex-husband of over 10 years, who I met in person on the weekend for the first time, caused a scene at his children's cricket club by telling me not to put my hands on his children. My partner and I have been together for 6 months and I have an excellent relationship with her 3 sons...
  8. S

    WA Contractor with Restraint of Trade - Opinions?

    My daughter worked as a Contractor for a Company in the Fitness Industry. In September, she and another contractor had an idea to start their own part time business for fitness in early mornings/ late evenings outside the workplace. They have a clause: Exclusivity - The parties agreed that...
  9. N

    WA Contesting Family Violence Restraining Order - Help?

    HI all, I need some help. I am in South Australia and started proceedings to get access/custody of my children in the Federal Circuit Court last month. My wife has left the state and taken our children with her. She has cited Domestic Violence but there has been none. There are no...
  10. L

    VIC malicious posting on facebook

    Hi, my name is Jay and have a legal question. Someone who doesn't have any relation with my company, keep posting fake news about my company on Facebook. If I want to stop him and make him remove all the fake postings about my company, what should I do? I want to warn him first as if you keep...