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A power of attorney (POA) or letter of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. The person authorizing the other to act is the principal, grantor, or donor (of the power). The one authorized to act is the agent, attorney, or in some common law jurisdictions, the attorney-in-fact.
Formerly, the term "power" referred to an instrument signed under seal while a "letter" was an instrument under hand, meaning that it was simply signed by the parties, but today a power of attorney does not need to be signed under seal. Some jurisdictions require that powers of attorney be notarized or witnessed, but others will enforce a power of attorney as long as it is signed by the grantor.

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  1. P

    QLD PoA acting as Executor

    My partner's mother passed away last month. In the 6 months before her passing, she gave POA to her nephew. There was confusion surrounding this decision, which led my partner and his sister to assume that the nephew was executor to the will. He was not. When my partner's mother passed, the...
  2. D

    VIC power of attorney misuse

    sister was dads poa and epoa, dad died 20/08/2015 sister took dad to hospital 31/07/15 dad went into palative care. sister got dad moved from sunshine to werribee hospital 12/08/15 sister had sale of dads house ready day he was moved signed by dad 14/08/15 sister now tells family dads in...
  3. M

    Power of Attorney issue

    I am having a power of attorney drawn up with my wife given the primary power of attorney and my 2 sons given power of attorney if she cannot act as attorney. The draft POA states that 1) I authorise my attorney to confer benefits on the attorney to meet their reasonable living and medical...
  4. B

    QLD Power of attorney question

    Can a registered power or attorney be written to benefit the attorney. My partner was tricked into signing a power of attorney in 2007 with her then husband. With the form the ex husband wrote under the terms that he had the right to sell land and receive the funds for himself. I read that...
  5. N

    QLD Power of Attorney vs Statutory Health Attorney

    Hi, In QLD a spouse is automatically given the role of a Statutory Health Attorney. If I nominate someone else to be my enduring personal attorney, would that remove my spouse as an attorney for health matter? Thanks Long
  6. D

    VIC House Dispute & Power of Attorney

    Hi I have POA and been put into very bad situation. Mother separated, left house 4 years ago and divorce granted by court today as she has been delaying but did not follow through with Response to Divorce. I understand 1 month to wait for finalising. This afternoon she went to house and change...
  7. D

    VIC Power of Attorney Attending court

    Hi Wondering if an Enduring Power of Attorney is able to attend court, on behalf of the other person, in the case of a divorce matter? With this Covid19 virus at the moment, the court states he can phone in with a code at the certain hearing time. He is very hard in hearing on phone so would...
  8. Jane White

    TAS Lost Power of Attorney Documents - Help?

    My elderly father has appointed me as his power of attorney, after my late mother's recent death. The POA was registered at the Land Titles Office in Hobart lat last year by a local law firm and I collected the documents soon afer. My memory, since my mother died, has been badly...
  9. H

    QLD Forged Legal Documents and Fraud - Help?

    I'm from China but my case involving a former minister of Queensland MP I met in China for fraud and scandal. He's my fiance for 6 years, we're partners in life and business. He's disappeared now left me with forged legal documents and probably still married lied about his wife's death also...
  10. J

    Power of attorney clarification

    I need some help. My brother had a brain tumour and before he was operated on he made a POA for medical and financial which can be acted on when he is incapable of making decisions. He now has lung cancer and cranial swelling. He keeps telling every that I am his POA and to deal with me for...