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A power of attorney (POA) or letter of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. The person authorizing the other to act is the principal, grantor, or donor (of the power). The one authorized to act is the agent, attorney, or in some common law jurisdictions, the attorney-in-fact.
Formerly, the term "power" referred to an instrument signed under seal while a "letter" was an instrument under hand, meaning that it was simply signed by the parties, but today a power of attorney does not need to be signed under seal. Some jurisdictions require that powers of attorney be notarized or witnessed, but others will enforce a power of attorney as long as it is signed by the grantor.

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    Hello, I would like to revoke an Enduring Power Of Attorney. The document was made in Victoria when I lived there. I now reside in Queensland and I'm wondering do I use a form for Queensland or Victoria as there are different rules in each state. Thank you.
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    VIC My mother has dementia and I wanted to know if I can still organise an Enduring Power of Attorney , does her Doctor need to help me out on this ?

    My mother has dementia and I wanted to know if I can still organise an Enduring Power of Attorney , does her Doctor need to help me out on this ?
  3. R

    VIC Enduring Guardianship V's Enduring Medical Power of Attorney

    I have been appointed Enduring Guardian over my Mother that has Dementia. My Sister has Enduring PoA (Medical Treatment), side note: I am the Alternate named in that doc. Question 1: Do I have the power to overrule her Medical decisions relating to my Mother? I have read different docs stating...
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    QLD Power of attorney to sign house transfer?

    I am overseas at the moment and need to sign the property house transfer for a sale of my parents house which I am on the deed for. Can I get a POA and how long will it take?
  5. N

    NSW Prescribed forms for power of attorney

    Prescribed forms for power of attorney are given in the regulation, even including broken website links. How closely must the prescribed form be followed? For example, can background information, notes for completion, and unused options be omitted? Is it reasonable to add an endorsement to the...
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    Transfer my fathers shares through power of attorney

    Hello, my father is 97 and not of sound mind therefore my sisters and I have power of attorney. We want to transfer his shares into our names ( 3 sisters so 3 names). how do I do this. Do I need a solicitor or can I go to a share company. Please note that he has shares in multiple companies and...
  7. F

    NSW Executing Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian

    Can someone confirm these documents can be made and accepted perhaps years later by the other parties? Proposing: 1. An Enduring Power of Attorney executed by me and appropriately witnessed then any of the attorneys may sign and accept at later dates without a witness 2. An Enduring...
  8. T

    NSW Appeal of NCAT Financial Management Order / Post Hearing Options

    Dear Sirs, A Financial Management Order (FMO), with the "NSW Public Trustee & Guardian" now taking control of my aunt's financial affairs, was the concluding decision from a two hour NCAT hearing on December 9th (last week). My cousin (affectionately known as "aunt" Jenny) has 28 days to...
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    QLD PoA acting as Executor

    My partner's mother passed away last month. In the 6 months before her passing, she gave POA to her nephew. There was confusion surrounding this decision, which led my partner and his sister to assume that the nephew was executor to the will. He was not. When my partner's mother passed, the...
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    VIC power of attorney misuse

    sister was dads poa and epoa, dad died 20/08/2015 sister took dad to hospital 31/07/15 dad went into palative care. sister got dad moved from sunshine to werribee hospital 12/08/15 sister had sale of dads house ready day he was moved signed by dad 14/08/15 sister now tells family dads in...