stamp duty

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  1. T

    Question about division of assets and stamp duty

    Hello The situation is, the father passed away earlier this year. There are 3 kids and the Will says everything is divided equally amongst them. The assets are: a house = $880k a unit = $550k One of the kids is taking the house One of the kids is taking the unit And one of the kids is...
  2. B

    Tax implications buying into mothers house

    Hi, Could you explain to me the implications around buying into my mothers house? My mum is separating from her partner and I would like to get a loan to buy out her partner, both parties will live there as their main residence. Will there be CGT or Stamp duty? Also the house already has a...
  3. Perp

    QLD Query re stamp duty, one of joint owners giving up rights

    A mother gifted her two adult children a property (inter vivos) as joint tenants. One of the children (A) lives in the property. The other, B, moved out because the siblings can't get along. B is having difficulty accessing Centrelink benefits for which they're otherwise eligible due to being an...
  4. Ian Curtis

    NSW Does Financial Abuse Get Factored into Execution of Will?

    If my sibling sabotaged our inheritance, does that get taken into account when executing a will, which was made to be 50% each? I say "sabotaged" because the sibling is complicit with the public trustee's financial abuse. The background... Government Trustee took over financial management for...
  5. A

    VIC family trust & stamp duty on buyinh property

    Pls can someone clarify the new laws on stamp duty and purchasing real estate through family trust Thank you
  6. J

    NSW Family Trust - How to Appeal to Supreme Court?

    Hi all, I have a family trust, with governing law of ACT, where it has two vehicles which are in NSW. The assignment of transfer was contested in NSW magistrates court. The court found it was not a legal document, as it did not have stamp duty on the document. as the magistrate stated: section...
  7. D

    VIC Friend's Ex Wanting Her to Sign a Joint Loan?

    I have a friend who is in the process of getting divorced. Her husband is trying to get her to sign a document related to the purchase of a property. He tells her that it is a document related to changing the property into his name, but it appears that he is trying to get her to co-sign a loan...
  8. O

    NSW Issues with Transfer Of Property - What to Do?

    I apologise for how long this piece is, but it is all factual. (I have changed the property values to not make the situation as obvious to anyone with a vested interest). In our case, my wife’s Grandfather 20 years ago left his property solely on his will to my wife's mother who looked after...
  9. L

    QLD Adding name to land title - help!

    Hi, Last year a friend and I purchased a block of land. As she was dealing with the lawyers etc her name was put on the title - and the bank mortgage as interest. This year we bought the adjoining block with both names on the title. We had surveyors doing the work to amalgamate the blocks so...
  10. J

    VIC What will Happen if Parents Disclaim an Inheritance?

    Hello, My parents have been left an inheritance. The executor of will in control of the estate is causing us problems. My parents want to disclaim the inheritance to do away with the executor. If they do this, the inheritance then goes to the children (stated in the Will). If my parents were...