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    1. Australia’s involvement in the International Force for East Timor was:

    a) Authorised under The Timor Sea Treaty 2002

    b) Made possible by use of the ‘external affairs’ power

    c) A requirement of membership of the United Nations

    d) A demonstration of Australia’s commitment to the Responsibility to Protect

    Our school has argued that B is the correct answer, despite no laws being made for Australia's involvement in East Timor. Would be greatly appreciated if you would look at what the correct answer is or if there are even any correct options.
  2. Hi Bix, B is the correct answer as the external affairs power involves the ability for Australia to involve themselves in forces such as the International Force for East Timor. This was not a requirement of being a member of the UN as only 22 members participated in the force out of over 150 nations. Both A and D are incorrect as they occurred after the International Force.
    Hope this helped.
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    I agree.
    In particular, have a look at section 51 (xxix) of the Constitution.

    (and, welcome aboard, Alan Lurtop)
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