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    NSW Steps in statement of claim

    Can someone out linre the complete steps in lodging a statement of claim including which court and which forms to use etc. Thank you on advance.
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    VIC Amending a statement of claim

    I am a self-represented plaintiff, the defendant's solicitor asked me to amend parts of the statement of claim as they were "unintelligible" and so I did. Court said I have to get his consent, although I already had it written from him. He did not provide consent, so I have asked for relief to...
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    QLD Out of time - do I submit a statement of claim after misconduct tribunal?

    Hi Everyone, I've got a unique situation. I believe I am entitled to compensation due to somebody breaching their duty of care to me but the 3 year limitation period comes up next week and I'm yet to lodge a statement of claim with the court. I'm comfortable I satisfy all the elements to pursue...
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    QLD Form 46 Affidavit - Help with Originating Application?

    Dear law community, I've filled in the originating application and statement of claim. I've also filled in Form 46 however I'm not entirely sure on what to include on Form 46 as I've seen 2 examples. Example 1: The plaintiff serving the statement of claim to the respondent and swearing oath to...
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    QLD Hot mess resulting in Statement of Claim being served

    I took out a credit card for my parents in my name about 10 years ago. All payments came from their account at the same bank which can be shown from bank statements. My mother died but the card continued to be used and paid for by my father with my assistance when needed. In 2015, I changed...
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    NSW Misleading and Deceptive Conduct in Private Car Sale?

    In November 2018, I came across a vehicle on Facebook for sale, the car ad was titled "BOSS XR8 290". I liked the car and proceeded to make contact with the seller, one thing leads to another and I purchased (regretfully) the vehicle. The next day, I put a picture up on Facebook of the new car...
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    VIC Amended statement of claim for discrimination at workplace

    Hello. In December 2018 my solicitor filed and served the original Statement of Claim (SOC) with SD Act and FW Act contraventions. After Directions Hearing in April 2019, the court directed to amend the SOC with accessorial liabilities and constructive dismissal. In May 2019 my solicitor filed...
  8. M

    QLD Defendant has lodge statement to claim, now what?

    Plaintif is the mother-in-law and Im the defendant I have lodge a statement to her claim, this was some months back now. Im being sued for 95k, im legit, nothing illegal and believe I have a great defence. My credit file is being ruined because of this dispute. Plaintiff has not moved any...
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    QLD Statement of claim not filed

    A statement of claim has been received that had a note stating it would be filed the following day. A filed copy has not been issued to me and there are no dates or time limitations on the un-filed copy I have. Do I wait to receive the filed copy or do I file defence on an un-filed statement of...
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    NSW Plaintiff's Solicitor Fee - Is Cost Assessment Worth It?

    Hi I represented myself as a defendant for a case filed by a plaintiff for a disputed amount around 14K in local court listed as general division. The court-annexed arbitrator made the decision on 75%-25% on plaintiff's Statement of claim where the order is given as an award in favour of the...