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    QLD Catholic/Independent School Absences 16yo

    Ex-wife has a very casual and laissez-fierre attitude to school attendance. Now the 16 year old has missed so much school this year, so will not be able to obtain a Year 12 leaving certificate. Despite this, ex-wife has refused enrolment to a nearby state school and as the non-resident parent...
  2. E

    VIC Child support and private school fees

    Hello, My partner has had a lot of issues with his ex in terms of withholding of the children, slanderous allegations and false IVOs and police reports since their break up. All fully investigated and found with nothing to answer to. His eldest child started high school at a private school this...
  3. A

    WA Can a Private School request to talk with DCP only as legal Guardians

    We are looking for options in regards to a recent incident 1. DCP has placed a child with us for temp time 2. Our 12 yr old foster child has slowly opened up during her time with us and talked about how unhappy she is at the school. 3. After talking with her more we have found out that she has...
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    Writing Statement of Claims in law school

    Are writing statement of claims part of the expection in law school? Are there good text and discussions on legal strategy or "effective" statement of claims? Tons of essay writing to develop themes and ideas around a case, but there seems to be much less on legal strategy and approach it seems.
  5. J

    TAS State school copyright query please

    Hello. A state school in a rural area published a centenary book with images and text from community. The book is copyrighted to the school and the school has since closed down. The local museum has had requests for the book and they are wanting to print a number of copies to sell. Regarding...
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    NSW Advice on providing court orders to school.

    My little one was enrolled in school this year, and her mother failed to provide the school with a copy of the orders, nor did she nominate me as a parent not living with the child. the school informed me that they did not have the orders so I supplied them a copy. Court orders state I should...
  7. M

    VIC Parenting orders say half of school holidays - mother saying that doesn't apply in CV circumstances

    Hello FCC orders say; "For the first half of the school holidays at the end of Terms 1, 2 & 3 from after school on the last day of term until 5 pm AEST or 5:45 p.m. AESDST as appropriate in the second Saturday after the end of term in even numbered years." Pretty clear? Victorian premier Dan...
  8. G

    VIC CSA have assessment but both parents want kids to goto private school next year

    Hello all The ex and myself have a current CSA assessment but we both want the kids to goto private school, the oldest starting 2022. The ex is a nurse and I'm a salary earner. I currently pay CSA to her. What's the best way to go about this so I don't get bitten in the rear end? Any advice...
  9. J

    Mother seeking out child at school while in father's care

    Hi all, Father has shared care of child with mother - 50/50. Mother has on a number of occasions attended child's school during the fathers week and sought child out. Previously she volunteered for a school disco and spent a week visiting the child while he was at afters school care. Today she...
  10. K

    High School will not share video footage of incident

    My high school age daughter was involved in an incident whilst at school, she is seen retaliating to another child spitting in her hair. The school will not allow me to view the video footage but want me to support their consequences. Where do I stand?