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AdvoCare International, L.P. is an American company which sells nutritional supplements, weight management, energy, and sports nutrition dietary supplements using the direct selling business model. The company was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus and employs around 250 people in the United States. Its corporate headquarters are in Plano, Texas.
The company distributes its products in the United States through a network of approximately 60,000 independent distributors, who participate in a compensation plan based on a multilevel marketing model. The name AdvoCare is short for "Advocates Who Care".

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  1. K

    ADVO - Desperate, please help with any information

    Hi, For the sake of brevity, I will quickly outline what has happened. I left the house and decided to break up with my ex in July due to her being abusive, she was living with my mother and being financially supported by us up until September. In September she calculatingly invited me to sleep...
  2. Georg

    NSW Obtaining a copy of someone elses ADVO

    Can you legally obtain a copy of an ADVO you are not named on, without having it subpoenaed? Or would this have to be supplied by one of the parties on the ADVO if there is no formal request made?
  3. C

    NSW ADVO Not wanted, its destroying my life.

    Hello, I am married to a man who has mental health issues, I also have PTSD and as a result we have bhoth suffered depression and anxiety over the years, we generally are very supportive of one another and encourage each other to seek assistance if and when required for our own selves and our...
  4. N

    NSW Supervised Access Due to ADVO?

    Hey all, I am the applicant in a child access case in the Federal Circuit Court of NSW. I am currently seeing my baby son under supervised visits due to concerns about my alcohol and marijuana use. I am a primary school teacher who continues to work unsupervised with young children as their...
  5. N

    NSW Application for Interim/ Final orders in Family Court

    Hello, Sorry for the long post but I’ve been reading on here for a long time and working things out. I wanted to make background clear hence the long post, there are questions at the bottom. Even answering just one question could prove to be very helpful. First I want to say thank you to...
  6. A

    NSW Most likely outcomes for ABH and breach of advo

    I would like to know what the most likely outcomes are for ABH and breach of advo. Was assaulted by my husband in April. The assault was quite violent and resulted in black eye and bruising all over body as well as threats to kill myself and my family. No prior history of physical violence in...
  7. A

    NSW Advice regarding ADVO

    Hi there, My husband is in custody for breach of advo and bail conditions. I am the PINOP in the advo, but I would still like to be informed about his wellbeing. I do not feel ready to book a visit yet as I am sure he is angry with me for calling the police regarding his threats and...
  8. S

    NSW Advice on Visitation Agreement during advo in local court and removal from set location.

    Hi my husband was removed from our house after a nasty domestic violence incident. My children were witness to the event and we're severely traumatised by everything they saw. My husband was charged, advo issued for both myself and my children. The police and legal aid helped us secure a interim...
  9. E

    NSW Another ADVO and Assult

    Hi all, im looking for some help, I was arrested for Common Assault and Stalk/Intimidation, I also had an ADVO put on me back in 2015 with no evidence to support anything, after almost 2 years and a heap of money I won my case in the District court and had all charges Quashed in including the...
  10. 9

    NSW Teacher - Will an non-child related ADVO show up on a WWC?

    My ex has applied an ADVO against me because I contacted him too much after we broke up, and I'm afraid it might show up on Working with Children Checks. That is, although I'll still pass the check, employers will see I have/had an ADVO and understandably might be cautious about hiring me as a...