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    NSW Subpoena

    I currently have a DVO to protect myself and my daughter from my ex partner. He was also convicted of stalking charges. He has retaliated with an application for a private AVO. He is using forged documents as part of his evidence over an alleged phone call. The police are aware of this forgery...
  2. D

    NSW Subpoena sent by sms

    I have been served a subpoena by SMS (not the whole subpoena, just the part with the date and the particulars of the court matter) Do I have to comply? It's my understanding that this isn't a lawful means of serving a subpoena.
  3. J

    NSW Subpoena Material Redacted (except still visible)

    Hi and thanks for reading my question. I'm involved in a parenting (only) matter and the other party has been allowed to redact some sensitive information in the subpeonas (we had a Objection Hearing) What seems odd is the redaction was just not effective - that is I could still read what they...
  4. T

    SA child support and subpoena

    Can I give child support bank statements subpoenaed in FCC?? Also, can I Subpoena Child Support?
  5. L

    QLD Help with Subpoena and Affidavit Wording?

    Hi There, I am a first-time poster and I am just looking for a bit of help, please? I have had sole parental responsibility for my child (7 years old) for almost 3 years now and have recently been served with court papers from the father. He has not contacted us or seen my child in almost 3...
  6. B

    NSW How do Subpoenas work?

    Hi, my ex partner has subpoenaed all of my medical records, I’m just wanting to know how it works, she knows that I suffered from severe depression in 2014-2015 but from roughly 2017 to now my doctor has written in the reports how well I have been going, so just wanting to know does the ex...
  7. M

    QLD Trial - Can You View the Subpoena Material?

    Hi all, If a trial is underway, and you have a direct brief barrister. Can you somehow ask to view the subpoenas of the case?
  8. A

    QLD Third party bank accounts subpoena

    Hi, My brother has recently separated. My bank accounts have been subpoened due to myself being an executor to a will which has not been distributed due to fighting siblings. My brother is a beneficiary. I objected as I have never been asked for anything and why should they have my personal...
  9. M

    QLD How to Disprove Emotional & Psychological Abuse Allegations?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about (or call into question) disproving alleged "Emotional & Psychological Abuse"? After all my searches on Google, it seems to be that once the ex has labelled you as carrying this out there appears to be no actual way of clearing your...
  10. E

    QLD Postie from Australia Post Giving Mail to my Ex?

    Hi all. Firstly I think it’s great that you respondents take the time to help people through their legal issues - respect. I’ve got a problem where someone I know who works for Australia Post has been giving my mail to an ex-gf. The person is my brother who I’ve been in a dispute over a family...