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  1. SeanG

    Australian Wife - Divorce Settlement

    Hi, I am a non-Australian citizen, married to an Australian citizen. We met and married overseas. My wife has quite a lot of wealth/assets - a lot more than I do - all of which were covered in a prenuptial agreement. We have been together 4 years and we have 2 kids, aged 1 and 3. My wife...
  2. S

    VIC Divorce

    Hi my frnd is on TR 498 or 495 visa his wife stay in tasmina from 2 years and he is at Melbourne now he has some issue in long distance relationship and want to separate from his wife so when he file for divorce if his TR will be cancel or what will be the result
  3. Singlemum36

    NSW Divorce

    Hi a bit of background before my question well two questions really. I want to get a divorce I've been separated for 2yrs, married 12yrs, 2 kids, no assets just his super but he got early release access only weeks after we separated and spent it. I have very little super as was mostly a stay at...
  4. V

    Debt division in divorce

    My husband is a citizen of Australia and I am Irish, we married in Europe 5 years ago and have been separated for over 2 years. As things in life go, things didn't work out, and I am about to start our divorce proceedings. We do not share any children or assets together, however, my husband...
  5. D

    VIC After Divorce Granted

    Hi If divorce is now granted by the Court, and since there is a one month 1 day waiting period, can the other person who has constantly made things difficult still try delay again in this timeframe? Also I have read that the wait can be shortened, but not how to do this. Thanks
  6. S

    VIC Serving Federal Circuit Court Divorce Papers

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and would appreciate it if someone could provide me with the answers to all the below 5 questions (please) in relation to a divorce application. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Background. If you were a father; A)...
  7. B

    QLD Best way to protect your home in a divorce

    hi, I and my partner in a de facto relationship for 2 years and we own a unit %50 and %50 I will be inheriting some money from my grandmother 's land in overseas in few years time and will buy a property with using my savings too...possibly there wont be any mortgage on it ..even if i get...
  8. F

    NSW Do I have any rights during a parent's divorce?

    Hi, I've devoted my entire life to helping to run and manage the family farm with the promise of inheriting the farm and keeping it in the family. Half the farm business assets have very recently been put in trust to me, my father still owns the land. I've discovered my father now is getting...
  9. R

    SA International law, Divorce

    Please, advise. For divorce. Husband is in another country in my case (Panama, buisness (assets oversees also). We were married in Australia.
  10. H

    VIC What is the divorce process and does it effects on my pr visa?

    I am holding PR visa/ partner visa for my husband who is an Australian citizen. We have been married for seven years and our marriage is now broken because of many reasons. I've been living here, in AU with him for less than two years . I am not working but studying only . I want to know the...