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  1. Sini

    QLD Divorce and property settlement for overseas married Couple.

    We are married for 20 years and marriage was legally commenced in India and not registered in Australia. Couple is Australian citizens and lived in Australia for last 19 year but for last 2 years I moved to India after our separations. We have assets both in Australia and India. Australian...
  2. Q

    SA Property settlement after divorce granted quick question

    Hi! - Ex and I seperated in November 2018. - I began process of property settlement in August 2019, via lawyers and we are still going back and forth (with long delays hearing from his side and petty objections to property pool) - Divorce was granted 24 August 2020 - I know there is 12 month...
  3. D

    VIC Claims after Divorce and death

    Hi In Vic- My query I cant seem to clarify is, if a couple are divorced one month before death, no consent orders settlement in place, is it possible that the surviving ex wife can claim against a pension annuity? My understanding is that the family law matter may not continue, but a claim...
  4. I

    Divorce Issue from Ex wife (lair and feminist )

    My friend separated from his wife for more than a year now. His ex wife filed fake domestic violence case on him for forced sex ( lie) , financial dispute ( guy was already paying all money for her luxary items + food + car +home+her international trips) and emotional /physical torture . Guy...
  5. M

    VIC Earnings Divorce

    How do I go about getting disclosure of husbands financial affairs. He left 2 years ago, said he was working late and couldn’t pick up our son from child care and that was it , he hasn’t been in contact since, just came back some weeks later whilst I was at work and took car and some belongings...
  6. SeanG

    Australian Wife - Divorce Settlement

    Hi, I am a non-Australian citizen, married to an Australian citizen. We met and married overseas. My wife has quite a lot of wealth/assets - a lot more than I do - all of which were covered in a prenuptial agreement. We have been together 4 years and we have 2 kids, aged 1 and 3. My wife...
  7. S

    VIC Divorce

    Hi my frnd is on TR 498 or 495 visa his wife stay in tasmina from 2 years and he is at Melbourne now he has some issue in long distance relationship and want to separate from his wife so when he file for divorce if his TR will be cancel or what will be the result
  8. Singlemum36

    NSW Divorce

    Hi a bit of background before my question well two questions really. I want to get a divorce I've been separated for 2yrs, married 12yrs, 2 kids, no assets just his super but he got early release access only weeks after we separated and spent it. I have very little super as was mostly a stay at...
  9. V

    Debt division in divorce

    My husband is a citizen of Australia and I am Irish, we married in Europe 5 years ago and have been separated for over 2 years. As things in life go, things didn't work out, and I am about to start our divorce proceedings. We do not share any children or assets together, however, my husband...
  10. D

    VIC After Divorce Granted

    Hi If divorce is now granted by the Court, and since there is a one month 1 day waiting period, can the other person who has constantly made things difficult still try delay again in this timeframe? Also I have read that the wait can be shortened, but not how to do this. Thanks