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    Child support - when kids refuse to visit Father?

    Good afternoon everyone, I was hoping to get some advice on a situation my partner is in. He has 50/50 time with his two kids aged 16 and 13. Recently, his kids haven't wanted to attend his house on 'his' weeks. Different excuses are offered each time, however what it comes down to is that...
  2. E

    VIC Child support and private school fees

    Hello, My partner has had a lot of issues with his ex in terms of withholding of the children, slanderous allegations and false IVOs and police reports since their break up. All fully investigated and found with nothing to answer to. His eldest child started high school at a private school this...
  3. L

    QLD Family Trust

    I hope this is allowed, I desperately need help, please. I met my husband in 2009, I had 2 children, he had 1, we then had 4 together. He’s a builder, we built our home in 2013, married in 2015, he remortgaged in 2017 and loaned the money, $220,000, to his company on the condition it was...
  4. M

    NSW Super Annuation and child support

    If I take $10,000 out of my super when I owe $20,000 in child support does my ex get the Money?
  5. B

    Will receiving child support affect my application for more time?

    I was previously paying child support, now the time has stepped up to another (final) stage, I am receiving child support. I am making an application in the foreseeable future to have the orders varied from 5 nights a fortnight to equal time 7/7 (meeting R+A for various reasons). The only...
  6. S

    QLD Child abduction

    About a month ago my ex abducted my kids under pretext of taking them to an after-school sport as regularly happens. 5 minutes after she took them I received an email from her and then another from her lawyer. The emails basically stated she considered the kids weren't safe in my custody...
  7. K

    NSW Process for child support when DNA test done without court order

    Scenario: A DNA test accredited by NATA is being arranged by proposed father from an affair, in order determine if actual father the baby.This is being done before any court order for paternity. Affair partner went ahead with giving birth to miracle child knowing father not wanting to father a...
  8. C

    QLD Child Support & Income changes

    hello all my partner has recently convinced child support that she is earning less money even though she has told me she is working more than ever in previous conversations. She is casual, so gets paid for the hours she works. I feel that is lying about this to child support - or worked out...
  9. J

    VIC How to check if there is DPO imposed on me?

    I got divorced with ex three years ago in China and have been living in China to take care of my parents since then. Three months after she came back to Australia, she said she wanted to discuss with me about property and child support again in Australia but I refused. Then she disappeared and...
  10. F

    LEGAL please Child Support Assessment - TAXABLE INCOME

    Can CSA take my Disability Support Pension as "taxable" income into calculation for care payments ? My understanding was cannot as not taxable income - and ONLY can if you’re Age Pension age. Please I need legal on this, and perhaps link to pdf of website.