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  1. B

    NSW Compensation for Vet Bills

    Hi all, Not sure what section to post but I'm wondering where I stand. I adopted my beloved dog 10 years ago. He was 3-4 months and desexed. I have documents certifying this. Over the course of the last 10 months it was discovered he had Cryptorchidism, which is one or two undescended...
  2. A

    VW Class action - who gets the rebate, new or old owner?

    I would like to purchase a second hand Diesel Audi registered in 2012. I am aware that the recent settlement b/w VW group and owners. I understand that payments will be made to registrants in late 2020. Am I entitled to check whether the vehicle I am buying is registered for rebate with...
  3. A

    Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) s 5

    Hi, can someone explain to me what Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) s 5 actually means? I'm having such a hard time understanding it.
  4. A

    QLD Property Rights - Does Ex Have a Claim?

    Hi, So a long messy saga follows... 9 years ago my husband passed away & I received his full life insurance & his govsuper as a fortnightly pension. I stupidly fell into a relationship 8 months after my husband's death & I now realise I was manipulated by this man during a time when I couldn't...
  5. M

    VIC Breaking Lease and Applying to VCAT?

    Good evening all. I'm a landlord and have a tenant who was four months into a 12-month lease when she resigned from her existing job and took up a position on the other side of town and wanted to find a property closer to the new work location. I advised her of the impact of doing this and she...
  6. kingofmeereen

    QLD Are there insurances in place for workers who are inflicted psychiatric injury other than workers compensation?

    For example, paramedics or police who are inflicted psychiatric injury from witnessing traumatic scenes can possibly get compensation through workers compensation but is it possible to get it from somewhere else? Like suing people? For example a negligent driver causing so much devastation and...
  7. kingofmeereen

    QLD Does an employer owe a duty of care that their employee is mentally healthy?

    Like for example, a paramedic or a police are expected to witness very brutal scenes. Do their employers owe them a duty of care in ensuring they are still mentally healthy and if not and they do suffer some form of psychiatric injury, will they be entitled to sue their employer for compensation?
  8. N

    NSW Tenant request for rent reduction due to neighbour renovating

    Hi, I am the landlord of a semi that is currently rented. The lease is up for renewal in April. The neighbours with whom we share a common wall are renovating and adding a new storey to their property. They have DA approval but still no exact start date. We informed our tenants as soon as we...
  9. S

    NSW Reg Claiming the Compensation for the Personal property from Strata or Landlord

    Hi , We have been renting in an apartment for last 2 years 3 months , Last Month when Sydney is flooded with heavy rain fall , our apartment building Parking Basement is filled with water to an extent all the parked cars and our personal belongings in the Storage cage got submerged and...
  10. I

    NSW EMDR Treatment and Compensation and/or ability to lay charges

    I have a general question about referring clients for a specific psychotherapeutic intervention. I am unsure if you can help but maybe you could point me in a direction. If a client, say a child, is referred for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to treat symptoms of a traumatic...