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Workers' compensation or workers' comp (formerly workmen's compensation until the name was changed to make it gender-neutral) is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence. The trade-off between assured, limited coverage and lack of recourse outside the worker compensation system is known as "the compensation bargain". One of the problems that the compensation bargain solved is the problem of employers becoming insolvent as a result of high damage awards. The system of collective liability was created to prevent that, and thus to ensure security of compensation to the workers. Individual immunity is the necessary corollary to collective liability.
While plans differ among jurisdictions, provision can be made for weekly payments in place of wages (functioning in this case as a form of disability insurance), compensation for economic loss (past and future), reimbursement or payment of medical and like expenses (functioning in this case as a form of health insurance), and benefits payable to the dependents of workers killed during employment.
General damage for pain and suffering, and punitive damages for employer negligence, are generally not available in workers' compensation plans, and negligence is generally not an issue in the case.

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  1. R

    VIC Lawsuit against company - what happens if company is unable to pay financial compensation?

    Hello, What happens if an employee wins a case at VCAT against their employer who is a small business (for a discrimination case) & asks for financial compensation - but the employer is unable to pay?
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    Unfair dismissal financial compensation

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    Is compensation tax free?

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    VIC Compensation for Pericarditis diagnosis from Pfizer vaccination?

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    Can this off the plan contract rescinded or compensation be received?

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    WA Taking A new job while on workers compensation

    Hi I work Fifo for a contract company to FMG In march I fell from a truck and fractured both Scapula's and 3 compression fractures of the spine, I have now returned to work cleared to drive truck and tele handler but I am limited to lifting weights under 10kg. I still get a lot of pain in my...
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    VIC All Charges withdrawn 2 days before 2 day contest.

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    NSW Ordinary working hours vs actual hours worked - More than 38 with no compensation

    Hi, i was hoping to get some answers to a question i have about ordinary contracted hours vs actual hours worked. I am contracted to a standard week of 38 hours and it also states this on my timesheet under "ordinary 38 hours". The issue is we start at 5am every day and finish at 1:30 every day...
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    NSW Sexual harassment compensation

    Hi, just wondering how to appropriately go about requesting damages for a sexual harassment claim where HR of the company I worked for was in breach of 3 different policies? This is noted in an official document but I’m not sure how or what to request in a formal letter