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Family law (also called matrimonial law or the law of domestic relations) is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations.

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  1. L

    QLD Can you sue the Family Law Court for gross negligence?

    Hi, newbie here so apologies in advance for any faux pas. So far, I haven't see this exact question raised/answered in this forum or anywhere else online... Can you sue the Family Law Courts for gross negligence in failing to protect a child? I am the (now-adult) child who underwent the custody...
  2. B

    VIC Ex wont return my car

    Hi everyone. My ex partner and i got separated after being together for 3 and half years. She had 2 kids from previous relationship. Both kids lived with us. She got an intervention order against me while she had possession of my car. I had my car before our relationship started. Police keep...
  3. S

    Family law help

    I am in a stale mate with my ex. She doesn’t want to reach an agreement, and we failed 4 different mediators. There’s not much to negotiate, only some joint saving acc she froze after separation, and custody of 2 children. I think of taking her to court, but with minimal expanses. She does...
  4. M

    VIC FVIO Applications weaponised in Family Law to stop SRL from direct cross examination

    My ex is highly regarded in family law. He applied for an IVO against me in 2019 to try and stop me from directly cross examining him in our family law proceedings. He accepted a final FVIO without admissions, and I fought his application at every stage until he withdrew it as part of his...
  5. J

    Defacto Subpoenaed police records

    Hi there, My partner is going through family law process. Interim orders have been made. I have been with my partner for 18 months now. He has just become self represented due to not being able to afford any more legal fees. His ex has Legal Aid. I have just received an email to my work email...
  6. G

    WA not Living together

    Ok Ex Partner has demanded i that i can not live with my new Partner as it to far from him to see His son and he dosnt like my new partner. he lives about 50 mins away "Clarkson" im located in "Lynwood " what are my options
  7. A

    VIC Conflict of interest

    Is it a conflict of interest for the applicant father to have the law firm of his father/children’s grandfather represent him in a family law case? Does the law firm have the duty of full and frank disclosure to the court to disclose the grandfathers knowledge of past family violence orders...
  8. G

    Disclosure - anomaly between family law 12.02 and federal circuit law 24.03

    here's a funny one. With disclosure, in a family property matter, there is an interesting anomaly... family law rule 12.02, for a corporation (etc) states a copy of the financial statements for the 3 most recent financial years, however the circuit court rule 24.03 referring to the same part...
  9. kimbapuppy

    VIC Sharing Family Matters breaching Family Law Act s121

    If someone is found to breach/contravene the Family Law Act s121 by sharing the filed court documents with others not party to the proceedings, what recourse can I take in and in which court?
  10. M

    VIC Does anyone have advice on Child protection in Family law disputes?

    Hello I am looking for some information on child protection interventions in Victoria? I have recently had my 11 year old daughter taken away after she has mentioned feeling sucidal to a school friend. This has happened and has been a roll on custody dispute where my ex husband has been...