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  1. W

    VIC International Child Custody/Access/Order

    Hello everyone, I'd like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, I'm going through a really tough time right now because of this situation and have been struggling to find answers. I am an Australian citizen and my (at the time) fiancé is American. She fell pregnant in...
  2. M

    NSW Court Orders

    Hi, My parents have court orders that they have equal custody of me. I've never enjoyed seeing my father and my mum is fine with that. Over the past 5 years, my father has stopped abiding by the orders, and sees me twice a year. I am fine with this, however when it comes to school and moving...
  3. J

    VIC Family Law Specialists

    Hi - what's been the experience of people when they go looking for lawyers to sort out children and property. Is it best to use a family law specialist? Or is a general legal practice that does family law just as good? Currently in the process of looking.
  4. Steve W

    VIC Not sure what to do.

    I was with my ex-girlfriend for about 8 months. We have a child and share approximately 50% care. I've worked very hard over the last 5 years and tried to save up for a future whilst paying child support. Recently I learned about the Family Law Act. It seems ambiguous and poorly drafted. I've...
  5. D

    QLD Precedent Family Law Queensland

    Hello, In short, the uncontested facts are the child has been withheld from seeing or speaking with her father and his extended family for extended periods of time (16 months) since separating in 2013, when the child was four years old. The withholding ‘events’ started at two nights and progress...
  6. S

    Family law forum = Respect.

    I reckon it is poor form to railroad threads by people who come here with legitimate concerns. A grandmother asking for genuine advice about the interpretation of her orders OR a woman whose ex has refused access to their kid, for example, shouldn't become a debacle about capital letters and...
  7. K

    WA Family Law - Facilitating Contact Between Grandparents?

    I have a legal question regarding my son's current interim court orders until a final hearing later this year. The orders say that the child resides with the father and that the mother is restrained by injunctions to have contact with the child except supervised by the Paternal Grandmother or at...
  8. A

    NSW How did your family law court experience pan out

    Hi - I am just at the beginning of this process, and have no idea what to expect. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their stories and experiences of the court process, it would be so greatly appreciated. I'm interested to know the following kind of things: 1. What happened...
  9. measureofmysoul

    WA Grossly Incorrect Standard Information on Affidavit - What to Do?

    Hi and good morning, I am currently representing myself in a family law matter with my ex-husband. We are both seeking changes to our parenting orders. My changes are minor while they are requesting drastic changes. We were previously in family court in late December for an emergency hearing...
  10. M

    QLD Does Ex De Facto Partner Have Rights to Share My House?

    Hi all, I need some help on where to turn next or what to do. I am not sure if I was in a de facto relationship at the end, but we were earlier on in the relationship. Myself and partner - English and Korean (now both Australian Citizens and she came in on my de facto visa - but we broke up...