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A summons (also known in England and Wales as a claim form and in the Australian state of New South Wales as a court attendance notice (CAN)) is a legal document issued by a court (a judicial summons) or by an administrative agency of government (an administrative summons) for various purposes.

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  1. J

    NSW Summons served on 16 year old

    Hi, can a summons to an adult be served to their child who is 16 years old? I was under the impression they could not be served on an individual under the age of 18 if the summons was not for the child. I also thought a summons had to be issued to the party on the documents and not to a third...
  2. J

    NSW Is a court attendance notice (CAN) the same as a summons?

    Is a court attendance notice (CAN) the same as a summons? If no, what are the differences?
  3. J

    NSW LEPRA, Summons and Trespass

    Who wins out?
  4. R

    VIC Incorrect information listed under charges on summons

    Hi, I was intercepted by police on 30/10/19 in burnley for high speed on the monash fwy on my motorbike which had a bald tyre. I received summons to go to court for 3 charges. dangerous driving, unregistered and unroadworthy. Both the dangerous driving and unregistered charge both state in...
  5. A

    Summons or summon to appear

    Hi all, When I receive a summons to appear in court, do they have to give a minimum notice from the point of receiving to the point of court day? Or could it be within a week, 2 weeks etc? Thank you.
  6. some.bloke

    WA Entry to club was searched and sched 4. med (modafinil) seized, now have a summons on the way...

    I dont have a script, but as far as I am aware modafinil falls under this grey area where you *can* legally import up to 3 months worth without a script, but technically it is a sched. 4 substance that requires a doctors authorization/prescription to buy in Australia. I had half a card of...
  7. L

    VIC Charging process, length of time, summons etc

    I was questioned in relation to stealing from an employer 6 months ago (to the day). I was processed/finger prints etc but not charged, amount alleged was just under $120K, which I profusely denied being anywhere close to alleged amount. I was informed I would likely receive a summons with...
  8. Nicholas N Chin

    WA Questions on an Easement Dispute - Help?

    I have questions about an Easement Dispute which I brought before SAT, DC, SCWA, COA and finally the HCA. The issue is: There is no exclusivity principle as decided by the judges because the lawyer preparing the conveyance should have documented it in the title deeds or by a separate covenant...
  9. T

    Indictable Offence Summons after Intervention Oder

    My sister was in Australia on a tourist visa. Her husband(Australian Citizen) made allegations that my sister tried to kill him and his mother. My sister received Intervention Order summons (5th August) and she went to court where she consented without admission of allegations in application...
  10. J

    WA Outstanding Credit Card Debt from 2014 - What to Do?

    I became aware of an outstanding credit card debt from 2014 that I truly thought had been paid off. I had found myself in a difficult financial situation towards the end of 2014 with a few outstanding debts. I had a very good friend come to my rescue at the time and generously agreed to pay...