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A summons (also known in England and Wales as a claim form and in the Australian state of New South Wales as a court attendance notice (CAN)) is a legal document issued by a court (a judicial summons) or by an administrative agency of government (an administrative summons) for various purposes.

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  1. T

    NSW Summons issued under the SSMA or the NCAT Act?

    We're in proceedings against a real estate agent which involves non compliance with a summons to produce documents. At issue is whether a summons was obtained under the Strata Schemes Management Act or the NSW Civil and Administrative Act? This is a question the tribunal said we need to resolve...
  2. T

    NSW Can I summon a solicitor to produce a statement they provided legal advice?

    I'm an owner in a strata building and last year the executive committee got legal advice on problem with the building. The thing is they don't want to tell anyone the outcome as it probably puts them in bad light since they're responsible for the problem. I've since filed an NCAT application...
  3. F

    NSW Summons for document that I don't expect to exist / regarding summons, how serious is it to forge/conceal documents?

    I am involved in a really intense legal matter with a government agency. I have two questions relating to summons for document production. Any advice much appreciated! --- 1. Production of documents I don’t expect to exist I need to get a summons issued. I expect some of the documents whose...
  4. O

    SA info. entitled to after summons?

    having just received a summons(amended ? )to appear that the cops thought it ok to attend my mums retirement village & leave with her ! ( another issue altogether ), if i do attend I want to have been given all relevent documentation I'm entitled to. Therefore if contacting Police Prosecution...
  5. A

    NSW NCAT Summons

    Hi I wanted to know if anyway can tell me if a summons from NCAT is actually enforceable. I am a landlord and the ex tenant left the place quite dirty and damage. (We have sacked the agent because of this). The ex tenant has summons 15 people to the hearing including tradespeople that we paid to...
  6. Ian Curtis

    NSW Tribunal Summons Refusal - Unreasonable Protection of the Public Trustee?

    See attached. Seems to me to be implying that if TAG have not conducted their investigation into the lockout as promised they are allowed to stonewall rather than be made by NCAT to admit there was no investigation. Also the implication that if the $100k estimate of expenses is completely...
  7. J

    NSW Summons served on 16 year old

    Hi, can a summons to an adult be served to their child who is 16 years old? I was under the impression they could not be served on an individual under the age of 18 if the summons was not for the child. I also thought a summons had to be issued to the party on the documents and not to a third...
  8. J

    NSW Is a court attendance notice (CAN) the same as a summons?

    Is a court attendance notice (CAN) the same as a summons? If no, what are the differences?
  9. J

    NSW LEPRA, Summons and Trespass

    Who wins out?
  10. R

    VIC Incorrect information listed under charges on summons

    Hi, I was intercepted by police on 30/10/19 in burnley for high speed on the monash fwy on my motorbike which had a bald tyre. I received summons to go to court for 3 charges. dangerous driving, unregistered and unroadworthy. Both the dangerous driving and unregistered charge both state in...