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An injunction is a legal and equitable remedy in the form of a special court order that compels a party to do or refrain from specific acts. "When a court employs the extraordinary remedy of injunction, it directs the conduct of a party, and does so with the backing of its full coercive powers." A party that fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties, including possible monetary sanctions and even imprisonment. They can also be charged with contempt of court. Counterinjunctions are injunctions that stop or reverse the enforcement of another injunction.

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  1. J

    QLD Injunction

    Just want to know how to apply for an injunction to stop the illegal sale of my property by the Gold Coast City inc. I'm relying on the corporations Act 2001 that states they must have a signed contract to be able to 1. Charge land tax and 2. Sell my property.
  2. J

    NSW Injunction to stop criminal case whilst civil case decided

    Is to possible to get an injunction to stop a criminal case whilst a civil case is decided which is material to the criminal case? Steps to do so? Advice? Thanks.
  3. J

    NSW Injunction to stop criminal matters to pursue civil action

    What would the steps be to get an injunction to stop criminal matter, whilst a civil action is undertaken against Nsw Police and the department of justice? Thanks in advance.
  4. triangle

    SA Ex pursuing consent orders- wants injunction on step children

    Hello, Lengthy story, but will try keep it brief. My partner and I are both going through separations. Full disclosure, us and our respective partners were all friends, and our relationship started prior to the eventual dissolve of both of our marriages. (many pre-existing issues in both of...
  5. Nicholas N Chin

    WA Questions on an Easement Dispute - Help?

    I have questions about an Easement Dispute which I brought before SAT, DC, SCWA, COA and finally the HCA. The issue is: There is no exclusivity principle as decided by the judges because the lawyer preparing the conveyance should have documented it in the title deeds or by a separate covenant...
  6. P

    NSW Will Local Court Results Affect Federal Circuit Court Ruling?

    Currently, in Federal Circuit Court with child matters, of which final orders have been requested, however, the matter has been adjourned until results from hearing in the local court. Father was facing 2 breaches of avo against the mother (children are listed on avo but were not involved in...
  7. D

    NSW Protecting a Trademark - Apply to Court for an Injunction?

    My son-in-law registered his trademark and trading name in 2015 at a cost of $12K. A business in a nearby regional town has opened with a name very similar to his business name and easily confusable - selling identical products. He sent the equivalent of a cease and desist letter from his...
  8. P

    NSW Late Filing of Affidavit - Thoughts?

    The other party to a family law matter was ordered to complete and serve an affidavit to support and injunction from previous orders. That time has been and gone 5 days ago. I have heard some people file weeks late yet the judge overlooks this and allows the affidavit to be accepted. Is this...
  9. J

    WA Affidavit Contradictions from Grandmother?

    Any information or opinion based on the contents of this post will greatly be appreciated beyond words! Below are a few facts that may help and guide your replies... I thank you for your time 1-There is no/has been family violence , child abuse or anything to suggesting neglect. 2- The...
  10. R

    VIC Mother Assaulted by Uncle but Police Won't Press Charges?

    Hi all, I've signed up to this forum because I've just found out some heartbreaking and frustrating news, and would like to know what options there still may be. Around 6 weeks ago, my mother was assaulted quite badly by my uncle (her brother). He has threatened me with physical violence twice...