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  1. C

    AVO - Primary PINOP is my 6 years old daughter

    I am served with police AVO - primary PINOP is my 6 years old daughter + the ex and Grandma. which restricts my contact to all of them, also means now I can't see my daughter any more. little background of relationship with my daughter. we recently reconnected by location order after 4 years...
  2. A

    NSW Contacting PINOP family it breach of AVO?

    Hi, An AVO is issued against me by police to protect my partner. the AVO says that I must not contact the PINOP family (everyone who’s got domestic relationships with PINOP). Though the PINOP family live and reside overseas and are not Australian citizen or permanent resident. I was wondering...
  3. N

    NSW Application for Interim/ Final orders in Family Court

    Hello, Sorry for the long post but I’ve been reading on here for a long time and working things out. I wanted to make background clear hence the long post, there are questions at the bottom. Even answering just one question could prove to be very helpful. First I want to say thank you to...
  4. B

    Pinop In AVO Is Stalking Me & Talking To Me Online

    I have never had an interim AVO on me for the last 8 months as there's been many inconsistencies especially with the police and frankly I'm very aware that my wife suffers from a Personality Disorder and I need to be cautious 100% all the time or else I'll be in jail. I've now been actively...