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    NSW Stormwater inundating my backyard from neighbours property - easement question

    I have a rear neighbour whose yard is higher than mine. His yard slopes down towards the back fence. The street is also higher, so his stormwater (and all 14 neighbours next to him, are "higher" than me) but lower than their front street, so their stormwaters connect to a pipe in their backyard...
  2. A

    TAS Unregistered electric cable underground

    Does anyone know of what you can do if you discover an unregistered electric cable running underground across your land supplying someone else with electricity? There is no easement, it is not registered. How to get rid of it without paying for relocation of it?
  3. S

    Rights as Dominant easement holder

    I have got myself in a pickle over a <1m strip of land along the fence of our property. The land is owned by the neighbour and we have a free and unrestricted right of way over the land as it is ‘on our side of the fence’. The neighbour had no services running through the land. We made an...
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    NSW Council road on private property, no easement

    Hi all, we live in a rural area and our neighbour went to market with their property, potential purchaser conducted land survey and discovered existence of road reserve across the sale property. This causes issues for seller however as a result of this (house and pool on the reserve), we...
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    QLD Easement for drainage washed out who is responsible for maintenance?

    Hi, We have an drainage/storm water easement (I know there is a man hole just before our block starts) on our property - which the council have told us is the responsibility of us and our neighbour, as it is not on their plans. I have looked on the plans and it clearly shows an easement between...
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    VIC Neighbour's Rights Over Water Easement On My Land?

    Hi guys! I am wondering if anyone can give me help regarding my rights for an easement on my property - versus the rights of the easement holder? There is a 3m easement along the front of my property for a private waterline for a neighbour. In order to access my property, I have to cross the...
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    NSW Council Easement - Dead and Dying Tree Removal Responsibility?

    Our local council has a 1.83m easement along one of our boundaries which is used to take storm water from the road to a creek running through our property. The easement now has dead or dying trees along its 100 odd metre length and I wish to know who is responsible for their removal. Some of...
  8. G

    QLD Fencing in front of Easement

    I live in a little "estate" that contains 6 properties. There is only one way into the "estate" and that is through an easement that is attached to my property. Everyone has a driveway off the road. One of my neighbours wanted to put a gate into the estate, but I refused (as did other...
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    QLD How to enforce an easement

    Thanks for the help in advance. For background I am an ex-solicitor who worked in property but never dealt with this before so looking for some advice on how to enforce an easement in practice. Background: Neighbour and I live on two battleaxe blocks with a shared driveway that splits just...
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    NSW Undisclosed easement that was never on Title Search

    I have a tricky one that I seem to be unable to find any answers to yet. Recently I've been notified by our council that there is a unidentified storm water easement running under our property that will severely effect our ability to rebuild on our property. It was only identified because our...