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  1. F

    NSW Accessing a affidavit filed at the family court NSW

    My ex partner has been embroiled in a custody and property dispute with her ex partner at the family court NSW for just under 2 years . I was recently informed from a friend of my ex that in a recent affidavit that my ex submitted she has made all sorts of false allegations against me from...
  2. sunnyDay

    NSW Webpage as Evidence in Affidavit

    Hi, I am writing an Affidavit for a Tribunal hearing. I am self represented. I am using information from web pages, mostly from the Australian Government, to prove that the facts I rely on are true. What is the correct way to reference a webpage? Currently, I am putting the URL in the...
  3. M

    SA False statements made in Affidavit in AVO

    Hi folks, I have been served with an AVO and upon receiving the evidence against me, like I thought, there was a heap of blatantly false statements made, of which I can prove that are so. Is this enough to fight an AVO?
  4. M

    VIC Do I need to prove every point in affidavit?

    I'm drafting my final affidavit in property matter. I brought x amount of asset into marriage. OP has seen my financial disclosure documents in regards to this assertion and agreed to it. Do I still need to annex such evidence documents into my affidavit so that Judge would know or agree? If...
  5. Z

    VIC What consequence is there when someone submits an Affidavit that utterly untrue?

    I am a single Dad to my amazing 10 year old daughter. My ex and have co parented for 9 years using the same structure. I have my daughter every Fri/Sat/ Sun nights and all public holidays. Share school holidays. Gone reasonably well up until this year, although I would like my ex to show up to a...
  6. S

    QLD Responding to an affidavit

    My question is about responding to an initiating affidavit in the Family Court. Can I respond with 1 affidavit with my argument (5 Annexures - 10 pages)? And then file another with my response to each point: Agreed, Disagree, Noted (5 Annexures - 10 Pages)? Also, I have an important witness...
  7. C

    NSW False allegations/statement in affidavit

    Hey Guys I'm the father self-representing myself in the Federal Circuit Court and looking for some help please, After 5 months , 3 directional hearings and location order, the sheriff finally served the Mother to response the Initiating Application. Because she has been hiding my daughter...
  8. S

    NSW annexure to an affidavit advice

    Hi. I am having trouble understanding the requirements for the annexure to an affidavit. I am currently filling a probate application and I am not sure if the original will and death certificate need to be signed and if so by whom? Or just the copies of them that get stapled to the affidavit...
  9. T

    VIC Beneficiary Disclaiming Benefit Through an Affidavit?

    My aunt is executor of will of my late grandmother's deceased estate which is given to me as the main beneficiary. I don't want it and want to distribute it to other family members. Can I disclaim a benefit by making an affidavit with the condition to have it distribute to others?
  10. measureofmysoul

    WA Grossly Incorrect Standard Information on Affidavit - What to Do?

    Hi and good morning, I am currently representing myself in a family law matter with my ex-husband. We are both seeking changes to our parenting orders. My changes are minor while they are requesting drastic changes. We were previously in family court in late December for an emergency hearing...