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Avo is a masculine given name and may refer to:

Avo Keel (born 1962), Estonian volleyball player and coach
Avo Paistik (1936−2013), Estonian cartoonist, author, film director, painter and pastor
Avo Sõmer (born 1934), Estonian-American musicologist and composer
Avo Uvezian (born 1926), American jazz pianist and cigar manufacturer
Avo Viiol (born 1958), Estonian embezzler

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  1. L


    I have a 10yr avo against me which finishes in Dec 2029. The 'victim' lied through her teeth and carried on and I'm to stay 200m away from her. Judge asked if I wanted to go back to court and try to get it down to 5yrs. I told judge I couldn't be bothered, just leave it, I never want to see that...
  2. L

    NSW Is it an AVO breach?

    Is it an AVO breach? I have a no contact AVO from an ex. I am the defendant. This all occured as I found out he was cheating and proceeded to contact his fiance. Anyway, I consented without admission and there was no charge or anything. The AVO expires in 2 months. I was visiting family...
  3. roundthetwist

    QLD Varying an AVO

    After a domestic dispute with my partner in 2021 I was served with an DVO last week (January 2024) with conditions that prevent us living together, including our son. After the incident in 2021 we had a few days apart then continued living together with no issues and had no idea the DVO existed...
  4. Hellomyonlyfriend

    NSW Is men's rea a requirement of contravene AVO?

    Is men's rea a requirement of contravene AVO under section 14 of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal) Violence Act?
  5. L

    NSW Has anyone had a 190 visa approval with an avo

    I have no charge or conviction against me. Only an avo. Please advise. How likely is it that the application will go to Vaccu?
  6. Jbill78

    VIC Application for FVIO sent by Applicant Solicitor to Kids School

    Hi guys Unfortunately I'm going through a pretty acrimonious separation which involves Family Court and Magistrates with an Application for Interim Violence order against me. I recently found out that the ex's solicitors sent a copy of the Application including her allegations, to the kids...
  7. E

    Pinop - did i cause the ABH?

    Hi there, my ex partner has now breached an AVO for the third time. we continued the relationship with the final AVO still in place and were seeing each other for three months. An incident occured two days ago on 11-10-21 where the police came and charged him with ABH and another breach. I now...
  8. A

    Limited scope engagement for an AVO defense

    I have attached the background to this question in the attached Word document
  9. B

    NSW Is my situation serious enough for me to apply for an ADVO?

    Live in a house with my uncle, grandparents, and sister Uncle is addicted to drugs, has a history with the police, and constantly verbally abuses grandparents to lend money (screaming, yelling), and in some circumstances, slamming furniture and wrecking property Has access to grandmother's...
  10. S

    NSW Court Transcripts Edited Removing Details

    I requested transcripts for a matter that I was the defendant for an AVO. When I received the transcript it clearly shows that it has been modified and certain details of behaviour by the prosecution have been removed. What do I do when transcripts have been purposely modified to hide...