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  1. J

    NSW Written AVO Statements

    Is making false statements in written AVO statements for hearing a crime?
  2. J

    NSW Hearsay in AVO statements

    I just received avo statements from other party which is heading to hearing. A lot of the statements are hearsay from third parties states as fact and i comments I view as defamatory. How do i get them removed from statement before hearing?
  3. M

    SA False statements made in Affidavit in AVO

    Hi folks, I have been served with an AVO and upon receiving the evidence against me, like I thought, there was a heap of blatantly false statements made, of which I can prove that are so. Is this enough to fight an AVO?
  4. B

    VIC Postumus AVO defense

    Hi, a very good friend of mine recently passed away, it was sudden and a complete accident. In the 12 months leading up to his death he had been dealing with an AVO which his ex (mother of his 2 young girls) had made allegations of a horrible nature which was very out of character for him. Are...
  5. R


    Can a foreign resident apply for an AVO in NSW without being present in Australia?
  6. A

    NSW Am I in de facto relationship?

    Hi all, I’ve brought my girlfriend from Russia On a tourist visa in November to see how our relationship will go and whether we should take next step to marry. So we’ve been living at my place since then, though just to evaluate the relationship and it was also mentioned in my invitation...
  7. A

    NSW Contacting PINOP family overseas..is it breach of AVO?

    Hi, An AVO is issued against me by police to protect my partner. the AVO says that I must not contact the PINOP family (everyone who’s got domestic relationships with PINOP). Though the PINOP family live and reside overseas and are not Australian citizen or permanent resident. I was wondering...
  8. Concerned1

    No contact AVO breaches

    A friend of mine is in a domestic violence relationship and has had an AVO placed against her partner by another party who with witnessed one of the attacks. She has been and still is, too scared to contact authorities about the abuse and various other illegal activities he engages in, for fear...
  9. M

    NSW How to Revoke AVO on Ex-partner?

    The police put an AVO on my ex-partner. It was made a final order in February for 12 months. I want it revoked it has order's 1 and 9 in place. Initially, it had 6 but I had that removed because we have 4-year-old twins. How hard will it be to get it revoked?
  10. Curioussim

    NT Can an AVO Affect My Visa Application?

    Hi there, I have an AVO taken out against me by my ex-wife in 2015, and expired one year after it. Now that I have applied for skilled migration visa and it is currently being assessed at immigration department. I have never been convicted and my national police check is clean, so can the...