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  1. M

    NSW How to Revoke AVO on Ex-partner?

    The police put an AVO on my ex-partner. It was made a final order in February for 12 months. I want it revoked it has order's 1 and 9 in place. Initially, it had 6 but I had that removed because we have 4-year-old twins. How hard will it be to get it revoked?
  2. Curioussim

    NT Can an AVO Affect My Visa Application?

    Hi there, I have an AVO taken out against me by my ex-wife in 2015, and expired one year after it. Now that I have applied for skilled migration visa and it is currently being assessed at immigration department. I have never been convicted and my national police check is clean, so can the...
  3. A

    VIC Remove expired AVO from record

    I had a false avo in 2016 against me. Not a single example of evidence was produced against me yet i was advised to accept the AVO (for 3 months) and did so. I had my firearms license revoked with a 3 month window to apply to the court to have it reinstanted. I did not do this and am now a...
  4. markleee

    NSW AVO against me,

    I live in a small town in dubbo, and had an avo against me made against a female work lady (in dunedoo-100kms away)- she stated not physical, mostly harassment.stalking which i've avoided since i met her. Embarrassed and ashamed of course. the police emailed me stating for me to collect an...
  5. deb66

    NSW What to do when Applicant breaches private AVO?

    Hello, I am at my wits end as what to do. We live on a rural property in NSW and our neighbour took a private AVO on my husband after he threatened to shoot his dog for attacking our livestock! Anyhow unbelievably the AVO was granted. Now we have this person and his father coming down whenever...
  6. M

    NSW Help with Setting Up Parenting Orders?

    I know every family has different circumstances but I'm interested to find out what people have in place for the parenting plan /orders My situation is with 4-year-old twins. Their dad now lives 2.5 hours away (his choice), not paying child support at the moment and I'm not sure if I'm entitled...
  7. W

    NSW Separation advice for father with kids, threats from mother

    Hi all, I am a father of 3 kids aged 9yo, 5yo and 6 months old. She is 38 and im 43 I have just started a well paying job full time after a year of sporadic work. De facto is on maternity leave at the moment She wants separation and has demanded I leave house and kids with her, which we...
  8. M

    NSW Intimaidation and Harassment According to the Police?

    Can someone please help me as to what the police consider " Intimidation" and "Harassment"? The police issued an AVO on my ex-partner and feel he is both intimidating and harassing me at the moment. I have emailed everything to the Constable that is dealing with but have not heard from him...
  9. M

    NSW X partners property still at my house and have a AVO

    My X partners property is still in my garage and I would really like it to be removed at the moment I have an interim AVO which includes clauses 1 and 9 so he can not come within 50 metres of my house where his property is. My question is - Can I ask him to get one of his family members to...
  10. L

    NSW Mediation after no contact for 4 years | advice needed

    Can someone tell me the likely outcome of this family law matter: My daughters father has had no physical contact with her for 4 years. A few FaceTime and letters here and there. Thru our separation I had 3 avo’s against him. Since he has also been in and out of jail for what I think many...