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Avo is a masculine given name and may refer to:

Avo Keel (born 1962), Estonian volleyball player and coach
Avo Paistik (1936−2013), Estonian cartoonist, author, film director, painter and pastor
Avo Sõmer (born 1934), Estonian-American musicologist and composer
Avo Uvezian (born 1926), American jazz pianist and cigar manufacturer
Avo Viiol (born 1958), Estonian embezzler

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  1. J

    NSW Can Avo statement be used

    Can Avo statements filed with court be used in defamation hearings? I understand privlege when defamatory imputations communicated in court, but what about as evidence to prove the comments were made outside of court?
  2. S

    NSW Police purposely lying to drag AVO matter including hearing turns into a mention.

    I've been targeted for over a decade by police. I was married to a person that has a personality disorder. Throughout the last 15 years I've been subjected to disgusting, outrageous and simply criminal behaviours purposely done to assist my ex wife who is a compulsive liar, child abuser and...
  3. S

    NSW Breach Of AVO Going To Court.

    I was wondering if someone could help me understand a scenario and what can be done. So let's say there's 2 PINOPS P1 & P2. Whilst going to court for mention for P1, P2 is covered by an AVO up to 100m away from her work place. I parked my car not far from P2 work place and stay in court...
  4. N

    NSW Can I leave Australia with AVO?

    Ciao, ho davvero bisogno di aiuto per il mio
  5. J

    16 year old daughter being harrassed by an adult

    Hi, New here. Joined specifically to pose this question. Any information would be a help. Yesterday my daughter was called into the office to speak with the practice manager. She is 16 and left school after year 10 last year. Works full time at a Dental Surgery as dental nurse. She was...
  6. J

    NSW Written AVO Statements

    Is making false statements in written AVO statements for hearing a crime?
  7. J

    NSW Hearsay in AVO statements

    I just received avo statements from other party which is heading to hearing. A lot of the statements are hearsay from third parties states as fact and i comments I view as defamatory. How do i get them removed from statement before hearing?
  8. M

    SA False statements made in Affidavit in AVO

    Hi folks, I have been served with an AVO and upon receiving the evidence against me, like I thought, there was a heap of blatantly false statements made, of which I can prove that are so. Is this enough to fight an AVO?
  9. B

    VIC Postumus AVO defense

    Hi, a very good friend of mine recently passed away, it was sudden and a complete accident. In the 12 months leading up to his death he had been dealing with an AVO which his ex (mother of his 2 young girls) had made allegations of a horrible nature which was very out of character for him. Are...
  10. R


    Can a foreign resident apply for an AVO in NSW without being present in Australia?