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The Child Support Agency (CSA) was a delivery arm of the Department for Work and Pensions (Child Maintenance Group) in Great Britain and the former Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland. Launched on 5 April 1993, the CSA failed to implement the Child Support Act 1991 and subsequent legislation fairly leaving tens of thousands of non residential parents paying out more than they would if they had their children full time. The CSA was replaced in the long term by its successor launched in 2012, the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).

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  1. J

    child support agency fraud

    Has anyone in this forum been prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution regarding Commonwealth fraud, specifically Child support fraud? If so what was your experience and outcome? Also does anyone know of any case law on this matter? Thanks
  2. N

    NSW Refused to return the child and refusing any contact

    My daughter had mediation in March 19 and came up with a plan for my 2 year old grandson Long story short she had a planned trip to Darwin for two weeks with her partner , we have family up there and he was going for work, she asked if he would let him go and he said flat out no, she talked to...
  3. R

    VIC Can I make my ex pay medical expenses?

    My ex and I separated shortly after I fell pregnant a few years ago. He had very limited contact with our daughter as a baby and then told me never to contact him again so she has not seen him since, but we have reached out a number of times. He now has another family and will not reply to my...
  4. T

    VIC Ex Owes Me Child Support - Help with Child Support Agency?

    Ok. First-time poster. My ex-husband owes 100k in child support. I have received maybe 2 grand in 11 yrs. I regularly ring Child Support Agency to see what’s happening and always the same answer. We can’t get any payments, cannot find a source of income. He is a qualified boilermaker working in...
  5. T

    NT Is the child support agency authorized to withdraw funds

    Can the child support agency withdraw money from a joint account , example from a married couple with a joint account or a business account.
  6. J

    QLD Paternity Fraud - Mother refuses DNA Tests

    Hi, I have a strange problem and would love some direction. An ex of mine told Child Services I was the father of two of her children (this started 8 yrs ago). Child Services called my employer (father-in law) for pay docking but I was a sub-contractor so they couldn't do anything. This was the...
  7. B

    ACT Spousal Maintenance - What am I Entitled to?

    I've been married 10years. I have 4 children between the ages of 4-10. I have been a stay at home mum for the last 10 years. I have been responsible for the care of the children, the domestic duties and finances. My husband earned the income. In November, we had an argument and he said we were...
  8. M

    NSW Complicated Child Support Circumstances - Help?

    There is a long story behind this and I’m happy to answer questions for context, but my questions are relating to my husband and father of our two kids, who has this year discovered via court-ordered DNA that he has fathered a child from a one night stand that predates our relationship. Never...
  9. K

    NSW Child Support Overpayment - What to Do?

    Good morning, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with child support overpayments? Long and involved story - but my ex husband believes I owe him $15k in overpaid child support as in the first couple of years of our separation, he overestimated his income. He actually didn't - it was...
  10. L

    QLD Entering into Binding Child Support Agreement?

    Wanting to understand binding child support agreements better. My question is: If two parents enter into a binding child support agreement, but later down the track one of them starts to earn more money, can the payee go through Child Support Agency again to get more money if the assessment...