QLD My Image Used by Courier Mail in Theft Case - Help?

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Joshua baker

14 January 2020
Courier mail has a story where they have my image relating to theft I was most definitely not involved with. I did, however, have a court case in the news at the time relating to being caught with a very small amount of marijuana. But in the wrong place. I am not a thief or a criminal and unfortunately, my story was a big deal for a short time.

But I know employers are more concerned about hiring thieves than someone who had a couple of grams of marijuana due to my carelessness packing my backpack as I travel internationally often. I would never intentionally try to traffick anything. I was a victim of my own complacency. Other than requesting the photo be removed, do I have any rights to take action as I know in my industry of work they will see the marijuana as not good but no one will hire know they are and feel this has possibly been the reason I'm not getting jobs when I am highly experienced in my field.