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Consent occurs when one person voluntarily agrees to the proposal or desires of another. It is a term of common speech, with specific definitions as used in such fields as the law, medicine, research, and sexual relationships.
Types of consent include implied consent, expressed consent, informed consent and unanimous consent. Consent as understood in specific contexts may differ from its everyday meaning. For example, a person with a mental disorder, a low mental age, or under the legal age of sexual consent may willingly engage in a sexual act that still fails to meet the legal threshold for consent as defined by applicable law. United Nations agencies and initiatives in sex education programs believe that teaching the topic of consent as part of a comprehensive sexuality education is beneficial.

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  1. G

    Consent Order (form 11) questions (WA)

    Long story short - my wife and I are going our separate ways. Thankfully, everything is amicable and friendly and we are in the process of completing the consent order (form 11) to divide everything up. We have agreed that everything will be split 50/50. I will refinance the house and she will...
  2. M

    WA Consent Orders lack clarity

    Yesterday in court an agreement was reached for supervised visits of my son with his mother. I have never prevented or got in the way of her seeing him. Drug use by her is the problem and she surrendered him to me full time because she said she couldn't keep him safe. With the agreement, the ICL...
  3. S

    NSW breaching consent orders.

    Hi Brains trust. So after 6 years my now 15 yr old is getting a little bolshi. Refusing to go visit the other parent. In daughter's defence the other parent has made some rather disparaging comments to 15 yr old daughter about her virginity... Communication with the ex results in an explanation...
  4. X

    VIC Age of consent and issues around phone/cyber-sex across international borders

    I want to know under what circumstances it's illegal to engage in text-messaging discussing sexual activity, or phonesex with people overseas, if they already at the relevant age of consent in Australia. Is it illegal under Australian law even if the other person is of age of consent here, but...
  5. C

    Consent Order & Application Kit

    My de facto and I have agreed on a figure and happy to sign the consent order for me to retain 100% of my property. We have no kids, no joint assets or liabilities, no super interests, we don't even have a joint bank account anymore. So trying to fill out the Application Kit is really difficult...
  6. T

    My friend is trying to report my sexual assault without consent, what can I do

    I was sexually assaulted when I was 16 (now I am 21), I recently opened up for the first time about this to my girlfriend, and have no interest in going through any form of legal process about this. There are other factors involved, as well as other kinds of abuse such as violent and metal (in...
  7. piano0011

    written sexual consent

    Hello! I have been developing a sexual consent android app and just wondering if a person signs the form, would this protect me if I have been charged with any sexual offences? Also, what would happen if the person signs the app stating that he or she is above the legal age but had lied about...
  8. P

    NSW Covert recording of video chat between myself and my kids

    Hi there, If I record a video chat between my minor children and myself without their permission, for use as evidence in a family law case (of them relating well to me), what are some reasons it could be deemed inadmissible by the judge ? I understand it is perfectly legal for me to record...
  9. H

    NSW Significant change in circumstances - parenting orders

    Exactly what grounds are necessary to have sole parental responsibility orders revised when there has been no contact between the children and the other parent for many years and the children maintain their wish to have no contact? The orders also include no contact from the other parent...
  10. A

    Ex non-compliant with Orders by Consent

    In early August at our interim hearing, the ex, the ICL and I agreed to Orders by Consent for each party to pay money to a trust account by mid September to engage a Chapter 15 expert. I paid the money, now the ex is claiming she does not have the money and is requesting 6 months to pay in...