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Consent occurs when one person voluntarily agrees to the proposal or desires of another. It is a term of common speech, with specific definitions as used in such fields as the law, medicine, research, and sexual relationships.
Types of consent include implied consent, expressed consent, informed consent and unanimous consent. Consent as understood in specific contexts may differ from its everyday meaning. For example, a person with a mental disorder, a low mental age, or under the legal age of sexual consent may willingly engage in a sexual act that still fails to meet the legal threshold for consent as defined by applicable law. United Nations agencies and initiatives in sex education programs believe that teaching the topic of consent as part of a comprehensive sexuality education is beneficial.

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  1. J

    Consent orders and law firm

    I'll try and be brief. My girlfriend has spent about $5k trying to get consent orders drawn up. This hasn't happened for a myriad of reasons, her ex being a pain in the arse, plus his solicitor making a number of boo boos on the consent orders. Now her law firm need another $3k for a retainer...
  2. U

    NSW Informal reference check (with consent) seemingly the reason not to hire

    I was wondering if you could provide advice on the following questions. The scenario A candidate applied for a highly paid contractor position within a NSW Government agency. Both reference checks were excellent (verified by the recruitment agency) The candidate has reason to believe that the...
  3. N

    QLD DVO consent without admissions

    Hi I am a respondent in a DVO and have a hearing date set for end March at Beenleigh. I have decided it will be better for me mentally if I consent without admissions. I have asked the registry to bring the matter forward and advised what I want to do. I want to know if they will tell my ex the...
  4. D

    My ex changing school without consent

    My ex has changed my son's school without consulting me. We have shared parental responsibility in the final orders and that includes "the school which the child shall attend". I told her it is against court orders and she responded that it is her life and she can move houses and since our son...
  5. KiwiVandi

    Building a Study in a Unit (Cant get consent).

    Hi Apologies if I mis key info here: In Sydney, NSW, I have a property, its a 1 bed, 2 bath. It is large, 104SQM. I wish to build a wall to make a study. This unit is unique, there are 7 above it with the same SQM, that already have a wall there, they are 2 bed, 2 bath. Mine was ordered to...
  6. KMac83

    QLD Application for varied Consent Orders - DVO Form Applicable?

    Trying to help my Fiancé with an application to change the existing Consent Orders. The Application Form (Consent_Orders_KIT) States; At Part F on pages 7-10, if you are seeking parenting orders, have you provided separate information for each child? Has the applicant completed a Notice of...
  7. H

    QLD Contract changed without consent?

    Good morning, I have just come across this forum and wanted to see if anyone might have any knowledge on what my situation would fall under in legal terms? I accepted a position of permanent part time, still have my letter of offer in my emails reflecting this and showing I was to be rostered...
  8. RieleyW

    Consent to Human Rights Violation

    Hello, I am currently completing a legal studies inquiry into the mandatory hotel quarantine system in Australia and the main question that has arisen from my research is can someone consent to having their human rights infringed upon or taken away. Thank you in advance for any help
  9. nothappy82

    WA are the police allowed to drive your vehicle without your consent?

    can police drive your vehicle without your consent?
  10. M

    VIC Can the police open my front door without my consent....

    Good evening all.... I have had the police visit my house a couple of times over the past couple of days for reasons unknown at this point. This evening I was out when then attended my property at around 8.30pm. My daughter was home alone and I had a call from her in tears as the police had...