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    NSW Will DUI Go on Criminal Record?

    Hi there, I blew 0.52 and received a $572 DUI fine and a 3-month suspension but I want to know, will it go on my criminal record? It’s my first offence with no priors. How hard is it to appeal for section 10? For jobs...
  2. A

    NSW Can You Become a Lawyer with a Criminal Record?

    Hi, So if someone has been convicted and sent to jail for a few years for dishonesty offences, is there any chance that they can become a lawyer despite having a criminal record? If it has been 10 years since the convictions and they have been crime-free for that period of time, are they...
  3. P

    WA What if Ex with Criminal Record Applies for Recovery Order?

    About 4 years ago, my ex became addicted to drugs, was convicted and sentenced to jail for dealing meth etc. Prior to jail he was abusive, unpredictable, threatening, etc. He forced us out of our home and we had to leave with nothing. Due to threats I had an interim DVO taken out that covered me...
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    NSW Is CIN listed on Criminal Record?

    Hi All, 1. Is CIN part of or listed on a criminal record (AFP or NPC)? 2. Is spent conviction (larceny with $300 fine) over 12 years ago NOT going to appear on an AFC or NPC (for employment purpose)? All the above questions are for NSW. Thank you and much appreciated.
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    Criminal Infringement Notice listed on Criminal Record?

    Hi All, Will CIN be listed on criminal record issued by AFP or on NPC? I am referring to CIN for speeding and shoplifting (both only CIN) and the policed confirmed if anyone asked have you been “convicted”? The answer is a NO. Thanks All.
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    NSW Criminal Record, Present Employment Retrospective Check

    Hi Everyone, I have one criminal record (shoplifting - fined $300) dated back in February 2007 (12 years ago) - thats the only criminal record I have. I have been working for my current company for over 2 years. Previously have worked in a hospital as well as other big corporations. However, I...
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    NSW i got caught shoplifting

    hello I turned 18 two days ago however my dumbass didn't think about after and caught shoplifting at woolies. i am not a citizen here, i am student and it was my first time. I was with my boyfriend who is 16 got caught shoplifting as well. and for bad luck, the police was inside and they asked...
  8. Q

    I have been charged by police in court by drive while suspended,Will it come to criminal record ?

    I have been charged by police in court at 2017 The result was disqualified driver licence 1 year and 800 dallors fines. Will this record go to criminal record ? thanks
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    NSW Caught shoplifting at Coles 2 fines

    Hi all, I was caught shoplifting at Coles earlier worth $18. Once I left the store, a shop assistant asked me to come with him to the back office. There I was questioned by a police and issued a fine of $300 (he gave me a fine ticket just like a speeding fine ticket on the spot). But on top of...
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    VIC Australian Citizenship with Criminal record

    Hi, I have applied for the citizenship last week and I am a bit worried as I have a criminal record listed against me. I was found guilty of shop steal but there was no conviction or fine. This was my first and last offence in Australia. I never had any serious traffic offence either and always...