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The prosecutor is the chief legal representative of the prosecution in countries with either the common law adversarial system, or the civil law inquisitorial system. The prosecution is the legal party responsible for presenting the case in a criminal trial against an individual accused of breaking the law.

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  1. 2

    WA Any guidance appreciated - Prosecution Notice - Fail to Obey Order given by an Officer

    Hi everyone. Really appreciate any guidance - this is for a friend. From what I can tell... My friend in her 20s had her house broken into while she was out and came home with her friend to find windows smashed, car smashed & her friend's motorbike stolen (she lives alone). She called the...
  2. C

    NSW What if the prosecution lied...?

    I am the victim in a DV case with my ex and on the court day, I wasn’t well, rang the detective involved and told him I wasn’t well but he said I still had to attend so I did. Then I find out later on that he stood up in court and said that I wasn’t there and could it be adjourned I sat in that...
  3. Keelan

    QLD Possibly the worst case of malicious prosecution in Australia - Need assistance asap

    Yes many people claim malicious prosecution and yes many people claim to be victims of police corruption but wait until you hear what I am currently being subjected to (every lawyer I have seen at first claims that they can gaurentee it wouldn’t be until I begin laying out the facts with...
  4. O

    SA Prosecution-how long to decide?

    Hey all, so I was convicted on 3 trumped up charges of breaching intervention order. I appealed to Supreme Court & won (sort of ! ) The judge has said prosecution can resubmit the matter back to the Magistrates Court to be heard before a different magistrate. There's a lot more to this issue &...
  5. J

    QLD Shoplifting/Theft - Processes when no Police involved onsite

    Hi all, Context as below (noting I was 100% compliant at all times): I shoplifted ~$90, exited Coles and was stopped around the corner by 3 people in plain clothing who identified themselves as Coles Security (I think. I was too shocked to listen carefully). No badges were flashed (to my...
  6. xshellsx78

    SA Prosecutions onus to prove guilt but not for parts of a trafficking charge

    Hello all, I am hoping that somebody might be able to explain how this can be acceptable in our legal system.. In SA (I am unsure about other states) when charged with trafficking drugs, the charge of ‘trafficking’ automatically states that you were selling/supplying an illegal drug. Different...
  7. burntcherub

    VIC Sexual Assault - Discredited in Court?

    Recently police filed an IVO order against an employer who was sexually inappropriate by asking me sexually explicit questions, becoming aroused when asking me derogatory questions on occasions and causing psychological harm. My former employer used to be my doctor and is aware of my...
  8. J

    WA Private Prosecution (WA)

    I know you can do criminal private prosecution in NSW and ACT, what about WA?
  9. P

    VIC Prosecution and new evidence

    I have been informed that the prosecution will be using new evidence. This information was only put to me less than a week before the hearing and it gives me cause for concern seeing I am representing myself. They went to my mobile phone provider, optus, and obtained my phone info. They are...