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  1. J

    QLD My Image Used by Courier Mail in Theft Case - Help?

    Courier mail has a story where they have my image relating to theft I was most definitely not involved with. I did, however, have a court case in the news at the time relating to being caught with a very small amount of marijuana. But in the wrong place. I am not a thief or a criminal and...
  2. N

    NSW Supervised Access Due to ADVO?

    Hey all, I am the applicant in a child access case in the Federal Circuit Court of NSW. I am currently seeing my baby son under supervised visits due to concerns about my alcohol and marijuana use. I am a primary school teacher who continues to work unsupervised with young children as their...
  3. A

    Possession of marijuana

    what are my outcomes looking like for possession of less then 1g of marijuana and a small glass bong. Thanks
  4. M

    SA Drug Driving Issue - What to Do?

    A renowned youth drugs educator came to my old school the other day, claiming a young lad from the eastern suburbs was pulled over in an RBT/RDT. Allegedly after blowing 0 in the Breathalyzer, the officer took a look at him and demanded that he skip the 'first' saliva drugs test and submit...
  5. C

    QLD Possession of Drugs - How Long am I Facing in Jail?

    OK - I'm in a bit of trouble to say the least. I was caught the other night with an apparent commercial quantity of multiple drugs. I need to find out the absolute best case scenario and the worst case scenario I face in less then 4 weeks. So - to put it bluntly - my car was searched (due to...
  6. W

    WA Partner in Custody of Children Battle - What to Do?

    I was seeing a guy in Perth that I knew from many years ago. He’s going through a custody of children battle with his daughters mother. He’s a great father but I worry about his drugs and alcohol use/abuse. The girls are at a very impressionable age and I worry that they will inadvertently...
  7. M

    WA Abuse by Mother Substantiated by Child Protection - What to Do?

    My granddaughter was removed by Child Protection and Family Support after allegations of child abuse whilst in the mother's care. This was serious abuse resulting in the then 14-month-old having 5 fractures, including a compression fracture to her vertebrae. My son and his ex partner had been...
  8. S

    QLD Separation - Can Granddaughter be Forced to Stay with Father?

    I am sorry for the length of this post, but please bear with me as the situation is extremely complex. My daughter left her first partner when their baby was a few months old. She left as a result of his drug-taking and excessive use of alcohol and his associated physical, verbal and emotional...
  9. J

    NSW Criminal Law - Difference Between 18(1) and 25(1) in DMTA?

    Hello I'm wondering what the difference is between 18B(1),(2) and 25(1) in DMTA. If I gave 3 grams of marijuna to my friend in Dec, 2013 and am wondering what I did applies to 18B(1),(2) or 25(1) I know that from Oct, 2013, Cannabis rescheduled to schedule 9, and NSW police provides...
  10. Fellow Comrade

    QLD Surprising and Suspicious Search Warrant from Police

    Hi, This is my first post here and I apologize that it's going to be a long one, but I'm sure if you stick around, you'll have a bit of fun, and might even be able to share some of your opinions, helping a stressed out guy get some peace of mind. Quite some time ago, while I was at work, my...