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  1. M

    QLD Witness conflict of interest

    In a Family Court trial can the other party Subpoena a witness to give evidence if you have a legal matter in place with that witness. Is this a conflict of interest?
  2. kingofmeereen

    QLD Does an employer owe a duty of care that their employee is mentally healthy?

    Like for example, a paramedic or a police are expected to witness very brutal scenes. Do their employers owe them a duty of care in ensuring they are still mentally healthy and if not and they do suffer some form of psychiatric injury, will they be entitled to sue their employer for compensation?
  3. M

    WA Witness Statement Error

    Good day to you. I would like to ask this on behalf of my friend who is being summoned by the prosecution as a witness to attend a hearing next month. As she was also the victim of the case, she recorded the statement when she was in trauma. As a result of that, there was quite a number of...
  4. N

    QLD won 2million/lost ticket have witness ? not investigated

    i have posted ages ago about my win (where i lost unregistered ticket) preceding a tragic event but now have two witnesses that purchased either side of me how lucky but not the lott nor the justice department although they know of these witnesses proceeded to prove this win how unfair is this...
  5. P

    Expert witness for IP issue

    Is the main task of an expert witness only to provide his/her opinion on if he/she see the disputed confidential information or IP is used in suspect product as fact witness? I guess that fact witness expert is not on the position to provide opinion on how the method or technical stuff or IP...
  6. S


    I have a Civil trial coming up in December 2019 regarding a boundary retaining wall dispute and I am self-represented. ON the issue of admissable evidence, is an email from a public servant ( stating the departments' position ) admissable without further ado? Or, does such an email only...
  7. V

    VIC Contesting a Police Intervention Order?

    Unfortunately, I ended up with an intervention order issued by the Police on the basis on an incident that happened 6 weeks ago based on a false allegation from my 11-year-old. Police called me one day while it was a normal day and issued a Safety Notice. I agreed to accept an IVO on the...
  8. S

    WA Retaining wall dispute - expert witness

    I am a self represented claimant in a retaining wall dispute which is set to go to trial in the magistrates Court. The defendants expert witness has a monumental conflict of interest in that he is the brother - in - law of the defendant, acts as the defendants representative along with a lawyer...
  9. D

    Expert Witness made a mistake.

    I've just had a NCAT case that I lost, I had supplied proof that the cars engine was damaged before I purchased it but my expert witness said in court "when the oil light comes on, that tells you there is a problem with oil pressure, and he said it was 'correct' that upon an engine being dusted...
  10. A

    QLD Ex's Girlfriend Pick Up the Kids - Contravention Order?

    Hi... My ex-husband's new girlfriend (of 6 months) has attended handover about 4 occasions with the father of our 2 and 3-year-olds. She has now been advised by my ex-husband to do pick up once a week herself while he is working. I really don't mind that she picks up, however, the first (and...