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  1. Danilou

    QLD What should I do regarding bills, bank account etc prior to formal sepatation arrangements

    Hi I am hoping my partner will be amicable with regards to our defacto break up. When he broke up I think he thought we would just work it out between us, nothing formal. But after 24 years, we owe it to each other to do it fairly. And I just want to get on with it now, no more contact and...
  2. D

    QLD Separated for More than 5 Years - Ex Refusing Mediation?

    Hi, guys. TLDR - go to last paragraph... Here's a basic rundown of what's going on: 1. Ex left 5 years ago to be with the guy she was having an affair with, who then became her de facto. 2. Initially, she did not want the kids and then decided on a 3/7 shared custody basis, and, once she...
  3. B


    What section of the Bank Act covers - In the matter of disputed transactions - should the card have been stopped? In the matter of overdrafts - with no overdraft agreement how can the accounts be overdrawn? Thank you
  4. F

    WA Friend Stole Money from My Bank Account - Press Charges?

    Hi, So just over 2 weeks ago, my friend stole money from my bank account. It was only 100 dollars, but I want them to be held accountable. I had gone out for the evening and my friend asked to hang out at my house. I said yes as my teenage son was home and I assumed they would hang out...
  5. O

    VIC Mother stole/acquired money I inherited

    I am not quite sure which area of law this falls under—family, property, criminal, wills and estates, or otherwise—so please point me in the right direction if I've posted this in the wrong place. I was one of six beneficiaries, in addition to my mother’s five siblings, to my late grandmother's...
  6. B

    NSW New partner, joint bank account, ex wife?

    Hi, I have been with a new partner for about 3 years now, we are thinking of getting a joint sign bank account to deposit some savings in on a weekly or so basis, with the intention of saving. My ex has a track history of trying to get her hands on money and if there is a way, there is a...
  7. S

    VIC Scammed in Melbourne Through Gumtree - Help?

    Hi everyone, As I said, I got scammed. I bought a laptop Gumtree and paid by cash. I came to the guy's house to pay and got a laptop with super glue on it (They're noticeable, but I thought they were specks of dust). I bought the laptop back after two hours and asked for a refund. The scammer...
  8. M

    VIC Opinions on Contest a Will?

    My elderly mother has recently passed away. My father died years ago and an older sibling, who lived with them, became my mother's carer, as she had dementia...although died from cancer. Both my mother and father had the same will originally, leaving the deceased estate to each other, and if /...
  9. J

    NSW Question Regarding Pension Bank Account?

    I know this may seem silly. I know that when you go on an age pension, they want to know what money you have. How do you go about having everyday money like $20.000 in a bank account that you access all the time for clothes, bills, hair new pair of shoes, etc? Do they want to know if you draw...
  10. B

    ACT Spousal Maintenance - What am I Entitled to?

    I've been married 10years. I have 4 children between the ages of 4-10. I have been a stay at home mum for the last 10 years. I have been responsible for the care of the children, the domestic duties and finances. My husband earned the income. In November, we had an argument and he said we were...