QLD Possession of Drugs - How Long am I Facing in Jail?

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29 June 2018
OK - I'm in a bit of trouble to say the least.

I was caught the other night with an apparent commercial quantity of multiple drugs. I need to find out the absolute best case scenario and the worst case scenario I face in less then 4 weeks.

So - to put it bluntly - my car was searched (due to a empty sandbag on one of my seats...Please tell me that isn't a justified reason to search my car thus all charges must be dropped due to a technicality...? Please?).

Upon searching my car, they may have stumbled across:

28 grams of Marijuana -
Bagged in 7 gram lots

1.5grams of MDMA
Bagged in 3 x half gram bags

34mls of GHB
In a single glass canister

2 points of either Cocaine or Herion
Packaged in one clipseal bag

14 x Oxycodone 40mg tablet
Packaged in one clipseal Bag

150 x 2mg Xanax Bars
Packaged in 3 sealed containers

50 x 10mg Diazeapam
Packaged in 5 x Blister packs

25 x 5mg Diazeapam
Packaged in 2x blister packs with 5 singles in own bag

50 x 5mg Nitrazeapam
Packages in 2 x clipseal bags

12 Suboxone strips 8mg
8 packaged in envelope with cash
4 packaged with 10mg diazeapam

570.00 worth of cash
270.00 packaged in a envelope
300.00 in my wallet

5.5 grams of methamphetamine
Packed in 1 x 3.5g bag
1 x 1.75g bag
1 x half gram bag

A set of digital pocket scales with residue of all the above drugs.

All have my finger prints on them and to put icing on the cake whilst nailing my own coffin shut - My phone. Packed full of images depicting the profits and amount of stock I turned over - along with a large advertisement list advising the customer of current stock levels and what stock was due next.

I think its safe to say playing it down as a possession charge is a worse idea then a blindman operating a chain saw - in a school zone at 3pm.

Unless by some mighty miracle possessing such a large array of items ends up counting each other out - or if a empty sand which bag did not warrent the search of my car - I want to know.

How royally up the crapper am I?

Bit of past history if that counts at all

29 - completely squeaky clean record.

If it helps to be addicted to a substance that would have altered my mind set then that can be considered part of my defence.

Long story short -

In December 2017, my daughter was taken by her mother after 6 yrs 50/50. To make matters worse I lost my job just before Christmas all the while trying to deal with the grief of my mother suddenly passing. I started moving anything and everything from point A to point B to make enough money to live and afford a lawyer to get my daughter back home...of which I have royally thrown that out with any conviction.

Unsure if that - or if there is anything I can say that will improve my chances.

If there is please...please let me know. If I do community service ever day, check into rehab - anything to show I am remorseful and made a silly as f**k copious amounts of repetitive mistakes which - were all done for a good and pure reason.

If I do everything I should and going by the information I have provided above - what type consequences am I facing - best case scenario?

I do have a golden ticket if needed by passing along certain bits of info to others which would crumble a fair few empires - but, I am not that way inclined. I would prefer to be locked like a bite in a cage breathing rather then free as a bird on the pavement bleeding....so, not really a golden ticket - more a 'good luck to you and good day Sir' type ticket.

If someone could please tell me an educated guess of what my future is to hold I would be extremely appreciative.



29 June 2018
Just to add some info - the charges (thus far - the detective running my case assures me further charges will be laid)

1. Possessing Dangerous Drugs schedule 1 Drug Quantity of or Exceeding schedule 3 but less than schedule 4.

2. Possessing Dangerous Drugs

3. Unlawful Possession of Restricted Drugs

4. Possessing Anything Used in the Commission of Crime Defined In Part 2

5. Possess Utensils or Pipes, etc, for Use

These charges may have been laid at a time where information was not present in regards to the reason of why I had such an array of products on me - thus I feel those charges will be increased 10 fold.

Bill Murray

Well-Known Member
6 June 2018
You're going to get charged with trafficking.

This quote aptly fits this scenario:
Get yourself a lawyer, son
You're gonna need a real good one​
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27 September 2015
And don't bother with phrases like:

" - were all done for a good and pure reason."

You sold drugs, if there is a good and pure reason for it, I don't think it applies in this case.... I only sold drugs that can harm people so I could see my kid?

Yeah, nah... that don't work.

Go see a criminal lawyer. Don't bother with the unjustifiable search argument. The sandwich bag, combined with a nervous looking punter - and you did look nervous because you knew how much stuff you had, was enough for even the dumbest of police to have suspicion. The cop thought you looked dodgy.... Did a search and guess what, you are dodgy... So let's walk away from getting of on a technicality. Ain't gonna happen...

How long you go inside for? No idea. Keen to know but...and maybe it is a good thing. Rehab.... I'm guessing you've been using? And maybe, just maybe that contributed to the ex wanting to move away from you?

Ok, so get clean, stay clean, then post your story on the family law forum and seek some advice about re-establishing time with the kid once you can pass a drug screening test, because it all likelyhood that is something the mum will ask for and until you can pass that sucker, you're on a hiding to nothing.
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29 June 2018
Assumptions makes an ass out of you, not me mate.

As it's quite clear your view on me is a gutter dwelling junky you wouldn't piss on if on fire - let me broaden your closed mindedness and shatter the very foundation it is ever so apparent you base your judgement throughout life on;

My ex refused to return my daughter for Christmas. This was not due to any of my own actions. I was a father who had majority care, did not drink nor take drugs & ran a successful commercial building site.

The reasoning for her taking my daughter was simply down to the fact she had fallen pregnant to a new bloke, was getting married & wanted the new bloke to be my daughters father. Back story before you judge from your throne - my ex is a hopeless drunk as are the entirety of that family. I have had 3 AVOs put towards her due to her physically assaulting me on all 3 occasions -once at my daughters daycare in front of all the children.

Months of court appearances and emergency recovery orders yielded nothing but a empty wallet. The months of fighting left me broke, out of work and in a deep state of depression.

It was at this time that I faced a decision - do I sit back and let everything I worked so hard for get taken away by the banks? Or do I do what needs to be done in any way possible?

It may seem like a easy choice as you lie back scoffing from your ivory tower and I dare say the way you have been so quick to judge would mean your incapable of putting yourself in others shoes.

How exactly has my actions caused further harm to a society already being destroyed by those we have put in power?

Would it be safe to assume you consume alcohol? A drug that causes more deaths and in turn more destruction then all my products combined?

Yet - because it has the tick of approval from a group of individuals run only by their own greed it is in turn accepted by society - accepted by you. Have you thought into depth why this is? Why such a harmful drug is legal yet others less harmful are not?

Nope, you would much rather cast your judgment on those you believe to be 'less than' purely for the fact they are fortunate enough to have the freedom to do and think as they see fit - not what society as a collective accepts.

You would be the kind of person who would help a drunk girl out of the gutter but leave her mate beside her who used drugs. You view those who have a different lifestyle to yours as 'less than'. It's people like you that make the drug trade as crucial as it is.

Imagine a world where everyone who took drugs to hide from their demons, to calm down, to keep their depression or anger or any emotion at bay - no longer had that option?

FYI - I am not a user nor was I using.

There was a market. I improved that market by way of stamping out the crap that was cut with chemicals killing people. I brought safety, advice, a ear to listen to those society has shunned - I brought professionalism to a market where there were no rules.

I may not of been doing what is classified as 'legal' - but in all aspects the work i did was more beneficial to society then people casting judgement and assumptions on those they know nothing about.

Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
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27 September 2015
No mate... You assumed you could break the law. And that assumption has made an ass of you and you will go to jail where your ass will be consumed.

Wake up. Nope, you wont broaden my very closed mind. Why, because I live in reality. You had a s**t load of drugs, you got caught. When you are sitting in your jail cell with a man that is calling you darling you can tell me I'm wrong...

So since you asked:

"How exactly has my actions caused further harm to a society already being destroyed by those we have put in power?"

Because you decided to sell a heap load of really bad drugs that do really bad s**t... But that is ok, right? Because the idiots that bought that s**t are only slightly dumber than you. Nope I'm sorry you're totally right, the stuff you sold was just helping our society be a better place. I nominate you for Australian of the year...

Mate - you came here looking for opinions. You got good opinions. My house is made of bricks, not glass and I own it through hard work... Your next house is gonna be made of bricks. It will have bars on the window and you will share it with someone who will call you the b***h.

The work you were doing was not classified as 'legal'. Nope, it did not help society. You are are a drug dealer. What part of that makes society better? Go on answer that question?

When you get out, post on the family law forum and I will give you help so that once you have sorted your s**t out you just might make yourself a good dad.

I'll even give you a bed and somewhere to work for a bit, till you get back on your feet... But you won't take drugs, sell drugs at your hang out with people that do drugs....

Mate when you get out, you can look me up and I will do all I can to help you spend time with your kid. Men need to be there for their kids. You are stupid. When you stop being stupid, you just might be a good role model for your kid.

But right now. Nope. Bad, bad.

But please look me up when you get out... I'll do my best to help a clean and sane person get to see their kid. You are not that person right now.

Get back to me when you get out in a year or two... Jails are not made out of glass....

See ya in 6 -12 months, when you get out.
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5 January 2018
There was a market. I improved that market by way of stamping out the crap that was cut with chemicals killing people. I brought safety, advice, a ear to listen to those society has shunned - I brought professionalism to a market where there were no rules.
Mate, I will not judge you as I don't know your situation, but the explanation you provided does not fly with me. There is no reason to go that path of dealing drugs. It is not your responsibility to provide drugs to the community, are you qualified doctor? I don't do drugs and I did not know most of what you had, some of what you mentioned I know by name (from TV shows and movies etc....), the only drugs I take are the drugs prescribed by a doctor when I'm sick.

People go the drug path for many reasons, some for fun and get hooked and some go into from life situations as such difficulty: example people going through financial hardship and then they see the easy way out of making good money by dealing or transporting the drugs (as seen on TV people who got caught), and some are forced due to one reason or other, at the end of the day, it is the person's choice to take, which means if the drugs path is easier than other path, they take it.

I am not convinced that a person takes the path of drugs made a good choice. It is a bad choice, no matter what the reason was. I never ever did drugs and I don't know how it looks like (in real life, other what I see in TV).

Dealing with drugs is harming everyone, you provide them to others, you are causing harm to the person and their family. There is no excuse for it to say it is good or that you are doing good, no matter how you explain it or rationalise it.

I am not judging you as I don't know your situation, you may went through hard times, but taking the path of drugs is taking the easy way out, you are not doing anything good [ and now you will pay a dear price for it]. I will not buy the explanation that I did not try it or know what I'm at talking about, on that basis, then I should burn myself to try that getting burned in not good for me.

My suggestion to you is to take responsibility for your actions and then try get your child back. No explanation can make the path of drugs the right choice. I know it will be hard for you, it is not easy. Nobody in their right mind will tell you it is easy, but that is your way out, no other way out.

FYI, I'm 47yrs old and I went through life, I took the right choices, I made mistakes (they were not major mistakes as doing drugs or similar) and I don't even like smoking. I was lucky that I had a great dad who fought for me and taught me right, even though he was very hard on me, when I was a kid, I hated that and sometimes I disliked my father, but now, I appreciate what he did and respect him greatly (the only thing is I learned that after he passed away).

So good luck and try to do good by you and your kid.

Ally W

21 June 2018
Hey, cage. Good luck with everything, make sure you get a good lawyer. I think that your clean record should go in your favour - in terms of your sentence it all depends on if the magic word “commercial quantity” is used in your charges, as it then opens you up to higher sentences. Absolute Best case I feel would be 12 months on the top with a non parole of 9 months. Worst case could be 7 years on the top and 5 on the bottom. Again all the best and I make no judgements however I hope you learn from this. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom first bud.

And Sammy101. Seriously? What is wrong with you? I’ve just finished reading another thread where you pretty much did the same thing to a DV victim. You are disguising your “opinions” with nasty, unwanted jibes at the OP. Then crying victim because you were just trying to “help”. Get a grip and keep your bigoted comments to yourself. You know what they say about the person who kicks a man when he is down...


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27 September 2015
This guy did say that he was doing the community a favour by selling drugs to people...


12 September 2019
(I know this thread is over 1yr old now) but am wandering, how did u go in ya day of court CAGEORNOCAGE..? Im a new member on this forum having only just signed up 2nite, coming across this story... But I am guessing, odds are ya probably still sittin in ya little jail cell even now, unless after serving a good whack of ya sentence, u miteve been lucky enough 2 serve remainder on HomeD..?
...Anyways if id been around (a member) when this was originally posted, I couldve told ya in all out certainty that u wouldve been lookin at doin a little time!! In fact, Ive currently got a date in court & thats 4 only (alleged) "trafficking" in Suboxone, which that charge on its own is a Major Endictable, so can only imagine what u wouldve got 4 ya "mobile drug chemist"..?