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  1. K

    Parenting orders change? Dad in jail

    Kids are 13 and 15 and their dad went to jail last year for child sex related offenses. They have not seen or heard from him in 9 months. I have sole parental responsibility. How do I change the orders to reflect no contact? Parenting orders have been in place in Vic since 2012. Also, how can...
  2. A

    NSW Can You Become a Lawyer with a Criminal Record?

    Hi, So if someone has been convicted and sent to jail for a few years for dishonesty offences, is there any chance that they can become a lawyer despite having a criminal record? If it has been 10 years since the convictions and they have been crime-free for that period of time, are they...
  3. J

    QLD How Would Family Court Play Out?

    Looking for help with the following situation: Father wants to see children, hasn't seen children for 12 months as of now. He has only tried to contact mother through other people and asked to see children. Mother has not contacted the father or engaged with him directly or through other...
  4. P

    WA What if Ex with Criminal Record Applies for Recovery Order?

    About 4 years ago, my ex became addicted to drugs, was convicted and sentenced to jail for dealing meth etc. Prior to jail he was abusive, unpredictable, threatening, etc. He forced us out of our home and we had to leave with nothing. Due to threats I had an interim DVO taken out that covered me...
  5. T

    QLD Spent Conviction - Living in QLD with Convictions in NSW?

    18 years ago, I was charged in NSW for an assault and was given a 9-month suspended sentence. I am deeply regretful of my past actions and have remained out of trouble since. Currently, I live in QLD and have for the past 10 years. Does the QLD spent conviction scheme apply to my conviction for...
  6. S

    WA Ex-wife Accused Me of Sexually Interfering with My Children - Help?

    I was due to collect my kids at 5 pm on Friday for their weekend visit. At around midday, I received an email from her saying I'm not to pick up the kids and contact child services. She also stopped me from seeing them during avisit before with no reason why. I contacted legal people and said...
  7. C

    NSW Visitation after jail term orders in place

    My ex partner is currently serving time for child sexual assualt. Not of our children. He will be on the registry when he gets out. We had orders in place before he went to jail. Do these orders automatically carry on? What are the rules he has to abide by and can I say no to him taking them...
  8. C

    QLD Caught Shoplifting from Three Different Stores - Jail?

    I made a really stupid mistake. I got caught shoplifting from three different stores within the one mall. The officer who caught me said because it was three different stores, it would be three separate charges. From one of the stores was caught with over $150 worth of goods so I was charged...
  9. B

    NSW Undisclosed Debt By Ex-husband Who is a Convicted Paedophile?

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to this forum. I have a very complex and distressing situation where I have final property orders. My ex-husband was a sadistic paedophile who has now been jailed for 32 years (this is the reason we divorced). I have six children and get no child support at all...
  10. Y

    WA Jail Time for Possession of Drugs?

    Can someone please give me some opinions on what to do & and how much jail time this will get? 1 x Possession of Prohibited Drug with Intent to Sell or Supply (Methylamphetamine) = 4.06grams. 1 x Possession of Australian Currency that is Suspected to be Stolen or Unlawfully Obtained = $2800.00