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  1. justawriter

    Fiction Research - Exonerating the Innocent Under Criminal Law?

    First up, I'm an aspiring writer and this is all fictional. I've tried to research extensively online but I'm struggling to find specific info (particularly Australian) relevant to my story. I have about a hundred things I could ask, but for now, I'm sticking with my most pressing concern, the...
  2. B

    NSW Family Law Lawyer That Was Criminal Law Lawyer

    Hi I'm searching for a lawyer one that has extensive experience as a criminal lawyer then moved into family law. Does anyone know someone specific that stands out? I'm located in Sydney.
  3. A

    VIC Corrupt Prosecution in Criminal Law?

    Is it possible for a criminal law prosecutor, who is either corrupt or sympathetic to the defence, to charge them with a crime that requires a higher burden of proof than what they could be reasonably expected to overcome, leaving the jury to find them innocent, and double jeopardy laws...
  4. J

    VIC 12 months summary offence time limit?

    I have a family member that breached my intervention order in Nov 2018, breach is related to Ato. ATO didn't notify us of the breach until almost September 2019, we subsequently reported to the police. The told us it's a summary offence and there is a 12 months time limit which ends Nov 2019...
  5. B

    WA Someone I Know Does Drugs - Illegal Not to Report It?

    Someone I know who is close to me does drugs. Is it considered illegal to be in the same area when they do drugs, i.e.: Weed, Tabs, etc.? I do not smoke nor do any drugs but I'm concerned about my legality being there as I do support them every day and I understand that I cannot be mad at them...
  6. jaxemjay

    NSW Domestic violence police charges

    Partner has following charges going through court for domestic violence. He has had a few previous issues 15years ago and was given 200hours community service for this. Would the following charges put on by the police be looking at jail time? How much time? Could a good lawyer get him off jail...
  7. A

    VIC Numerous signatures, not mine

    Hello, I have had my signature forged on numerous occasions, on numerous documents which are Vendor Statements and Sales Authorities. I signed one Sales Authority and I did not sign any Vendor Statements. I have previously requested the Sales Authority form as I was not provided with this when I...
  8. L

    VIC False statement while I was drunk

    Signing a statement while I was drunk is it valid? Police knows I was drunk and they took a statement. With this statement I was charged with intent to pervert the course of justice
  9. R

    ACT Homework Question - Criminal Law Assignment Assistance?

    I was wondering if you could help me with my legal studies assignment on Criminal Law? For it, I have to choose a topic - I chose Terrorism and I have to: a) Outline what the contemporary issue is, b) Describe the legal and non-legal response to the issue, c) Evaluate the effectiveness of the...
  10. G

    WA What exactly is an "uncharged suspect", and what are their rights?

    Is an uncharged suspect allowed to leave the country freely?